Intel Meteor Lake: Tape-in per le CPU a 7 nm

Intel Meteor Lake processors will be manufactured at 7nm and will represent the 14th generation of the Santa Clara house. Eventually the Tape-in ​​was officially confirmed

Tape-in ​​is a relatively new term used for non-monolithic designs. Intel Meteor Lake will be one such project since features several manufacturing processes and will be assembled using Intel Foveros technology. This technology was developed to address a much felt need in the silicon industry. As we all know today, chips contain billions of transistors combined together in thousands of logical micro-structures. All these components must be physically connected to each other by means of conductors. Precisely the intra and inter die connections are responsible for a large area consumption. Moreover, they limit performance because they develop heat and parasitic effects. Intel with its Foveros 3D package is able to stack the dies and connect them together thanks to face-to-face contacts.

Intel Meteor Lake: Tape-in per le CPU a 7 nm

Today Intel confirmed that the Meteor Lake compute tile has completed the Tape-in, which means that the design of the individual internal components is complete and development of the entire chip can now begin. Intel’s Meteor Lake architecture is said to power the 14th generation Core series, expected after Raptor Lake, a successor to Alder Lake. There are a lot of codenames used by Intel and certainly a lot is happening at Intel right now.

Intel Meteor Lake: 7 nm e CPU ibrida?

Intel confirmed that Meteor Lake is a product that will see light in 2023 and will present a knot of advanced 7nm SuperFin process, as already anticipated by the company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, during an online event a few months ago:

It will include ‘Meteor Lake’ for clients and ‘Granite Rapids’ for data centers. Both Meteor Lake and Granite Rapids will benefit from tiles built with Intel 7 nm architecture. For our 2023 roadmap, we will attempt to leverage our relationships with TSMC to deliver additional flagship CPUs for our customers using client and data center solutions. This is the strength of the union between our new IDM 2.0 manufacturing model, which features a modular approach to design, and Intel’s packaging technologies, which are currently unrivaled in the industry.

Intel Meteor Lake: Tape-in per le CPU a 7 nm

It is said that it will keep a hybrid approach like Alder Lake, using the core di Redwood Cove for the high performance part and the “Next Mont” architectures for those with high performance. It will be the fourth series of Intel products to feature a hybrid of high-performance, high-efficiency cores. The series is said to be the latest to support the LGA1700 socket, which is expected to debut later this year with Alder Lake CPU 600 series motherboards. The new chipsets will also introduce too support for the latest technologies like DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 RAM for a future-proof PC with performance on another level than current solutions. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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