The extension to know who paid the blue ticks on Twitter

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How to understand if the blue ticks on the account Twitter I am of a verified account or a fake account, which however paid the eight dollars for the checkmark? If Twitter doesn’t seem to have a solution to this problem yet, l’estensione per browser Eight Dollars distinguishes the verified from those who paid for the blue ticks.

Twitter: The Eight Dollars extension tells us who paid for the blue ticks

At the moment there are two types of “verified” users on Twitter: who was already so before the arrival of Elon Musk and who paid for it. Indeed the new subscription Twitter Blue allows you to have the “blue sticker”previously reserved for authorities and famous people.

To check it, you can click on the tick and see who paid and who didn’t. But it is not intuitive: whoever browses the Twitter feed should open all profiles to verify their authenticity. Then comes a solution, but not from Twitter: l’estensione Eight Dollars per i browser.

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Eight Dollars, the price to pay for a blue check. This is the name wanted by the New Zealand developer Walter Lim, who launched this feature for Chrome. But that should work for too Firefox and Edge without too many problems (a version for Safari is coming).

Those interested can find the package on GitHub and install the app by going through the browser options. Once your Chrome has restarted, you should see two labels directly next to the tweeters’ names: “Actually Verified” e “Paid For Verification”. To raise doubts about the translation, the paid option also has a clear dollar sign.

This novelty will allow to solve the problems, while Twitter decides how to manage this issue that is continuing to make the whole world of social media discuss.

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