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Mercedes-Benz: pros and cons of owning the German car

If you have to change cars and you are interested in a Mercedes-Benz, then you would do well to read this article where we explain the pros and cons of buying a car from the well-known German company

Anyone at least once in their life has considered of buy a Mercedes-Benz no? These are cars that are widespread all over the world and very popular among motor enthusiasts. The history of the brand begins in the ’30s and after having converted to war production due to the war (not the best period for the company to be honest), but it is in the’ 60s that it began to become the car manufacturer that we know. But what are the pros and cons today in owning a Mercedes-Benz? Let’s see them!

Mercedes-Benz: pros and cons of owning the German car

Owning a Mercedes-Benz: pro

Lo the status quo

Definitely a fundamental thing is the prestige that comes from having such a car. Getting out of a Mercedes-Benz you will certainly take its elegance and charm with you. It must be said that it is a machine that always makes a good impression. Everyone knows it and knows it for a non-luxury product, but certainly a high-end product that only economically realized people can afford.

The design

The Mercedes-Benz design, after the refurbishment a few years ago, is extremely original and modern. The refinement of the lines is undeniable and is a perfect balance between sportiness and elegance. Both the interior and the body are very neat. The materials are refined. In short, if you are looking for a very neat car where nothing is left to chance, a beautiful car in other words, you are in the right place.

Mercedes-Benz: pros and cons of owning the German car


The engines are really powerful, but above all well built and resistant. These are cars that can travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers without problems. Although it seems strange to you, have you noticed for example what brand of taxis in third world countries are they? Many are owned by the German company due to its reliability.


Despite its positioning in the medium-high range, it is very popular cars all over the world. This has various advantages: you can also find assistance while traveling and above all many used spare parts. In fact, the maintenance of a car of the German brand is not exactly cheap and must be done even if it is very reliable products. Fortunately, there are numerous platforms, including online, that trade spare parts used Mercedes-Benz, for example the much used Ovoko. Find out more about Ovoko.

Mercedes-Benz: pros and cons of owning the German car

Owning a Mercedes-Benz: against


The costs, both at purchase and at the time of maintenance, are high. Sure we can save money on used spare parts, but the certified blacksmith that has to do the job is very expensive. Even a simple mandatory overhaul can be very expensive. So please consider that the costs associated with the machine they are many more than what we see at the time of purchase.


Typically Mercedes-Benz produces sports cars. Even entry-level models such as class A therefore have powerful configurations that they can consume more than average. If you are looking for the right car to get around the city with little consumption, you have to look elsewhere.

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