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The F1 22 review: the new era of Formula 1

F1 2021 was the first Formula 1 game of the Eletronic Arts era.
But only on paper.
In fact, last year the EA footprint was not visible. And it is understandable. After all, the American publisher had recently acquired Codemasters which, at the time, already had months of development behind it.
There were no technical times to change the game, to think of something new, to revolutionize one of the most loved titles by racing fans.

F1 22 however it is another story.
This year in fact the influence of Electronic Arts is evident.
In short, we have a new name, the soundtrack available on Spotify and Apple Music, there is a new mode… F1 22 is undoubtedly different from its predecessor.
The credit, however, is not all of who developed this game. UIn fact, most of the news is dictated by the revolution we have witnessed this year. In fact, Formula 1 has decided to renew itself with new single-seaters, new rules and with the introduction of the Miami street circuit.

Are you curious to know how all this affects the game? We tell you about it in ours F1 22 review.

The F1 22 review

2022 is the year of change.
We have in fact witnessed the debut of the new Formula 1 cars, with the single-seaters revisited from an aerodynamic point of view and now designed to concentrate most airflows on the bottom of cars.
It seems only a detail but in reality it is an element that affects both the design and the driving style.
And so Codemasters had to put their hand to the game engine to be able to replicate that ground effect which now allows the single-seaters to remain glued to the asphalt.
The result? A renewed and rather realistic driving experience.

Driving the car

If you have played F1 2021, you will immediately notice the difference.
F1 22 cars are heavier, necessarily slower curves e the most complex control. It doesn’t take much to face a ruinous head and tail, especially during the first hours of the game when you necessarily have to familiarize yourself with the driving model.

You will also have to deal with the new 18-inch tires, but bearing in mind that dimensions are not the only novelty. There are indeed new algorithms for temperature and degradation tires, fundamental aspects to define the race strategy, but also the simulation of different types of grips depending on the compound and the surface you are on.

At your disposal then you will have the now famous DRS e the customization of the set-upwhich in F1 22 is undoubtedly improved.

Among the news we also have the new adaptive artificial intelligence, with opposing riders that adapt to your performance. It is not perfect but it allows the newcomers to the game not to get discouraged already during the first hours of the game.
The AI ​​linked to the race strategies must also be improved. There is not much variety but the choice of inserting the safety car to encourage players to study new tactics, while taking care to keep the tires in temperature, is still appreciable. Incidentally this year was also introduced the pre-departure training lap which forces you to warm up the tires properly.

F1 22 review: the game modes

F1 22 brings the mode with it Pirelli Hot Lapwhich allows you to drive a series of interesting supercars on the circuits of the world. However, these are not classic races: you will have challenges to overcome and objectives to achieve, so as to give a little variety to the offer of the game.
An important note: it is not the most realistic mode in the game. There are certainly aspects to improve regarding the behavior of the cars but it offers you moments of pleasant distraction after the heated collisions on the single-seaters.

For the rest you can count on widely known methods. There is Career – accessible both as a team and as a driver –, there are timed races, there is the always loved multiplayer with a lot of split-screen for those who want to play at home with a friend. In short, find everything you need to have fun aboard the iconic Formula 1 cars.

In addition, you can access F1 Life, a sort of hub that you can furnish to your liking and use as a showcase of your performances, displaying trophies and showing the highlights of your competitions. And yes, you can customize your avatar too.

The technical sector

F1 22 is a feast for the eyes.
The single-seaters are impeccably reproduced, the circuits are perfect and there is an obsessive attention to detail, including the droplets of rain that slip on the curves of the car.

The highlights of the races are also well done while the cutscenes occasionally show the side with small lacks that, on the whole, do not ruin the gaming experience.

The audio sector is also excellent, with realistic sounds that help you understand what is happening around you and interpret the behavior of the car. The technical commentary, entrusted to Carlo Vanzini and Davide Valsecchi, is less incisive. What is missing? Live commentary even if, we understand, some players may find it a distraction instead of a plus.

F1 22 review: conclusions

F1 22 is a game for Formula 1 lovers.
It’s not perfect, mind you. Probably Codemasters would have needed a few more months to better integrate all the innovations provided for by the FIA ​​regulations and to refine some graphic elements. Let’s not forget that it is not a real driving simulator. We are still in the middle, in the limbo between sim racing and arcades. However, we cannot consider it a defect. In reality Codemasters’ compromise allows both experts and newbies to enjoy the titlerelying on a good level of challenge and a series of mechanics that bring the game closer to reality.
In short, for us this F1 22 is definitely promoted.

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Marco Dellapina

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