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Apple offers $ 2 million to anyone who violates iOS 16’s “lockdown mode”

Apple launched the “Block mode”At WWDC 2022, presenting it as an iOS 16 feature designed to combat“ Pegasus ”and other malicious software. An extremely strict security defense mode, which supports users who suspect their smartphone has been attacked by a Trojan. And it protects the iPhone from being monitored by unknown sources. Now, however, Apple has launched a somewhat unexpected proposal: a reward of 2 million dollars to those who manage to violate the “Block Mode” itself.

Block mode: Apple offers $ 2 million to anyone who manages to break the feature

“Even if the vast majority of users will never be the victim of a targeted cyber attack, we must still protect all users of Apple products,” he says. John the Baptist, Apple’s director of security engineering and architecture -. Blocking mode is a revolutionary feature that reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting users from attacks ”. Precisely for this reason, the Cupertino company has thought of a useful option to defend the users’ iPhone from the attack of software such as “Pegasus”. A spyware that has attacked Apple devices in about 50 countries around the world.

According to reports, the number of people monitored by this malware could get to 50000. Once “Pegasus” invades a smartphone, it can extract text messages, photos, emails, record calls, and remotely turn on the microphone and camera without the user’s knowledge. An obvious threat to user privacy. On the other hand, Pegasus is the result of the careful work of the Israeli company NSO, which developed it to spy on influential people such as journalists, lawyers and politicians. With Apple’s “Lockdown Mode”, however, it won’t have an easy time. And remember: whoever manages to break the security mode will have access to a reward of as much as 2 million dollars.

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