The Falconeer has arrived on the Stadia cloud

The Falconeer è arrivato sul cloud di Stadia thumbnail

The Falconeer has arrived on the Stadia cloud. The news, made official last October 5 by Wired Productions and the independent developer Tomas Sala, thus marks an important turning point on the market related to the Google gaming platform.

The Falconeer: the launch trailer

To further launch the thing Wired Productions has posted a launch trailer lasting eighty seconds on social channels and on Youtube.

Price and availability

The game will have an introductory price of 19.99 euros, to which you can add the expansions known as “The Hunter”, at a cost of 1.99 euros, and “Edge of the World”, at a value of 7.99 euros. Alternatively, you can also buy the game “The Falconeer: Warrior Edition” which, at a price of 29.99 euros, includes all three contents.

The game

Guide mesmerizing creatures like “Warbirds” on a breathtaking adventure above The Great Ursee Ocean. You go headlong into a unique adventure filled with intense aerial combat, jaw-dropping scenes and engaging storytelling.

“There is something very centered in the fact that The Falconeer has found, so to speak, a new nest in The Cloud”, said Leo Zullo, CEO of Wired Productions. “We really like the way Stadia allows players to switch between screens and experience possible scenarios on their own terms, without technological constraints, just like high-flying falconers – encourage them to venture out and explore The Great Ursee in complete freedom. “

“I’m incredibly excited to bring The Falconeer to a new audience with Stadia – I can’t stop being happy. I hope the players have a perfect time, whatever device they use for their adventure “, said Tomas Sala, developer of The Falconeer.