The fastest web browser on the M1 Macs is not made by Apple

Il browser web più veloce sui Mac M1 non è fatto da Apple thumbnail

Chrome beats Safari and becomes the fastest web browser to use on M1 Macs. The result is certified by Speedometer, a test created by Apple’s WebKit team to test web browsers on macOS devices and has been made official by the Chrome tam in these hours.

Chrome is faster than Safari on M1 Macs

Playing at home is not enough to win in some cases. In fact, Apple has lost the title of fastest web browser available on the Mac M1. Google Chrome has, in fact, overtaken Safari as officially confirmed by the Google browser team.

A great success for Google

The test performed on a 14-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor clarifies the supremacy of Google’s browser. The team compared Chrome 99.0.4812.0 to Safari 15.2 17612. According to the benchmark result, Google’s browser is 7% faster than Apple’s.

It should be noted that as regards the graphical calculations, the supremacy of Chrome increases by + 15%, clearly detaching the Apple proposal. To make overtaking possible was the enabling of ThinLTO. The V8 Sparkplug JavaScript compiler and short builtin calls also played an important role in overtaking.

We’ll see if and how Apple tries to regain leadership in the fastest web browser ever with its operating system.

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