Sony ha rilasciato il nuovo System Update per PS5: ecco cosa c’è da sapere thumbnail

PS 5: Sony releases the new System Update: here are the details

Sony has released the new System Update for PS5 - here's what you need to know thumbnail

The new system update 21.02-04-51.00 for PS5 improves system performance and adds some minor features.

What is the new system update 21.02-04-51.00 for PS5

Sony has just launched the system update 21.02-04-51.00 for PlayStation 5, a firmware update that weighs around 915MB, which improves overall system performance. Unfortunately, no updates VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), expected by many players, but on the other hand the console will have greater overall stability. Among the novelties we find a series of improvements that had already been noticed by the few users who had taken part in the Beta program. These are:

  • Improved user interface
  • New Party Chat options
  • New features regarding accessibility
  • Voice commands (available only for American and English users)

The most important function seems to be the latter which, however, it will not arrive in Italy anytime soon. This allows you to open apps, games and settings directly with your voice. A system that will also help the PS5 feedback program, as the software will record voice commands and allow players to report instantly.

The new system update for PS5 is already available for download all over the world, although there are still no particularly significant news for Italy.

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