The Festival of Legends is coming to Hearthstone: all about the new expansion

Su Hearthstone arriva il Festival delle Leggende: tutto sulla nuova espansione thumbnail

The name says it all: a huge music festival in Azeroth, and it will be legendary. Coming in April, Festival of Legends is the new expansion of Hearthstone with 145 new cards, new abilities, mechanics and much more that we are going to discover in this article.

Among the new cards, one stands out Legendary lineup with Solo minionswhile among the skills we find Harmonic Magic (the new Ultimate ability) e Priest Overheal. Each class prepares for the Festival, from rock to jazz, for a new expansion that is decidedly rich in content.

All the contents of Festival of Legends, the new expansion of Hearthstone

The pre-purchase of Festival of Legends Mega Pack includes 80 booster packs, including 10 Golden booster packs, 2 random Golden Legendary cards, a Hero skin, and a Hedanis Priest card back. The Standard packageon the other hand, provides 60 packs, of which 2 random non-Golden Legendary cards, 1 Hedanis Priest back.

The expansion introduces the following new mechanics:

  • Legendary musicians and songs: each class will get a Legendary minion card (which will be the most famous musician of that particular class) and a Legendary Spell. The latter represents his most famous song. There will also be new weapon cards in tool form for each class. Some of these will have Deathrattle effects that improve as you play.
  • Solo Servants and Harmonic Spells: Soloists are minions with special Battlecry effects that activate if you control no other minions. Harmonic Spells, on the other hand, can switch between Harmonic and Dissonant frequencies each turn when they are in a player’s hand.
  • New skill, Ultimate: Cards that have the Ultimate ability gain special bonuses when playing them uses up all their remaining mana.

They also come changes for the Priest class. Specifically the skill Overheal grants minions who have it a special effect that activates when they are healed beyond their maximum Health.

Finally they arrive new events, such as the Tour of the Star, which will start starting from patch 25.6. Players can choose their favorite artists from one of three concert series and earn rewards through unique missions (the rewards are divided into three separate paths). Content is 100% Ranked Play. The event Legends Take the Stage will start at the release of the expansion and will allow you to get free card packs.