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Electric vehicle charging: Electrip also arrives in Italy

WH e Zorlu Energy have developed their multi-year collaboration and signed a partnership dedicated to the energy sector. The collaboration gave birth to a company called Electrip Global Limited. It is a holding company that handles the operations of charging of electric vehicles in Europe. Thanks to this partnership, the two groups combine their expertise in the energy and infrastructure sectors. The goal is to create a new player on the European market.

Electrip to conquer Europe for the recharging of electric vehicles

Electtrip Global Limited is the holding company seeing WH as the majority shareholder and the remaining stake belonging to Zorlu Enerji. The company recently named Nicholas of the Saints. He is a leading Italian energy expert and former CEO of several leading energy companies in Italy.

Among them we find Edison and E.ON, as Chairman of the Board of the Company and Chairman of Electtrip Italia Srl. İ. Sinan Ak instead, he serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and will lead the company’s global expansion strategy.

The company is already present in several European countries through dedicated branches and is currently rolling out its charging infrastructure across the continent. In Italy, Electtrip Italia Srl counts on a talented and experienced management team, led by John Fornaro, who holds the position of Country Manager. Giovanni is a highly experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of the automotive and EVC industry, gained in companies such as Volkswagen and Tesla.

Commenting on the partnership, Nicola de Sanctis declared: “WH and Zorlu Enerji have been collaborating for some time and can count on the mutual reliability of two consolidated groups. This new initiative allows us to bring together the financial and technological know-how of our companies. Considering the strong momentum of the use of electric cars, our goal is to offer a unique vehicle charging experience through an easy-to-use platform created by our developers, qualified customer services and after-sales support. Our European journey has already begun in Italy, as well as in Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Poland and Montenegro. Our ultimate goal is to expand further in Europe and become an independent player of reference, not only in charging stations for electric vehicles, but also in energy efficiency.”

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The company aims for global expansion

The expansion strategy of the new company is based on organic growth through partnerships with public and private companies. It leverages innovative solutions, flexibility and a customer-centric approach.

This strategy will be underpinned by the proven expertise and know-how of the partners and the financial strength of WH and Zorlu Enerji. It is a global player in the energy sector and which deals with the generation, supply and distribution of electricity.

It currently operates the leading electric vehicle charging network in Turkey. The network operates through proprietary software, a digital platform and an easy-to-use mobile app. They have the support of an in-house IT development team and the best expertise on the market regarding the implementation of investments, the efficiency of operations and the high quality of services.

Zorlu Energy guarantees, inoltre, state-of-the-art facilities, solutions tailored to customer needs, innovative solutions and fast deliveries, thanks to its industrial and research and development capabilities. The technological infrastructure is also supported by solid financial capital; continued growth and globalization are enhanced by financial agreements between shareholders.

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