The Fiat Multipla 6×6 returns for the most nostalgic: the new model to celebrate its 25th anniversary

La Fiat Multipla 6x6 sta per tornare con un nuovo design: il restyling per celebrare i 25 anni thumbnail

Created in 1998, the Fiat Multipla 6×6 it dominated the streets, not just the Italian ones, for over a decade. Now the iconic model back in one veste one-offfor true nostalgics.


The division Heritage di Stellantis – which includes Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth – has announced a new model special of the iconic Fiat Multipla, the 6×6 which dominated the early 2000s and entered the history of Italian cars in its own right.

The Fiat Multipla turns 25 and, for such a special birthday, an equally special celebration was needed. Thus Roberto Giolito – the creator of Multipla and currently head of Stellantis Heritage – thought about making it come back in a new guise, with a new design one-off.

The iconic Fiat Multipla 6×6

Since its release, the Fiat Multipla it was a real coincidence. Officially the car was produced from 1998 to 2010, when it was discontinued due to declining sales and new pollution regulations. Some examples continued to circulate, however, until 2013.

Il Fiat model it was presented as innovative and functional, and in fact its six seats arranged in two rows have revolutionized the world of cars in some way. Intended and used mainly for transport and tax services, the Fiat Multipla 6×6 it also divided opinion. Some considered it a real innovation and others, however, criticized its not exactly attractive design.

Judgments aside, the minivan Fiat it was definitely an unusual model, so much so that an example was exhibited at the MoMa in New York, the modern art museum of the Big Apple, indicated precisely as contemporary art.

For the more nostalgic, now, the six seats he’s coming back with a new one-off model: in museums and on sale for enthusiasts and collectors. The genesis of this model was also told through a presentation video.

What will the new 6×6 be like?

Il new on-off model from the Fiat Multipla 6×6 it is inspired by the 1998 model, with some changes and some new features. This is not, however, an off-road style remake: avid fans of the minivan can rest assured.

Meanwhile, the livery is colored with Bio Turquoise combined with Gray White with which the mouldings, bumpers and wheels are painted. An overall search for refinement and elegance that accompanies the six designs applied to the bonnet and sides.

The drawings also want to be a tribute to the past: at the time of the release, Roberto Giolito created six characters in cartoon form to explain to the public and buyers the functions and possibilities of the Multiple 6×6. Characters that also ended up on the line’s t-shirts and accessories.

For the 25th anniversary, those drawings will decorate the one-offcreating a truly unique model with those that immediately became crowd favorites.

The child in the seat who dreams of becoming a pilot and an attractive lady driving, the manager with his inseparable laptop, the friar intent on spiritual readings and the young hippie relaxed on the reclined seat reappear on the one-off model.

Inside, the classic dark blue fabric returns with gray-white panels. And the same cartoon-style characters were sewn onto the seats too.

A car, or rather a minivan, for everyone and for every need: the presentation designed for the historic Fiat Multipla 6×6 now makes it akin to a truly unmissable work of art.

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A one-off model for enthusiasts and collectors: when will it be available?

There’s very little left until the arrival of the new Fiat Multipla 6×6. Il one-off model will be premiered at the classic car fair Autoclassical Milanwhich will be held in the Lombardy capital from 17 to 19 November.

Subsequently, it will also be possible to purchase it. However, it won’t be found in dealerships ready for anyone to buy.

For those interested in purchasing or for those wanting more information on the Fiat Multipla 6×6the official page on the website of Stellantis Heritage specify to write to the dedicated email address.

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