The Fiat Punto never goes out of fashion: 30 years of success celebrated on Subito

La Fiat Punto non passa di moda: 30 anni di successi celebrati su Subito thumbnail

Right away is the leading platform for buying and selling sustainably and joins four-wheel enthusiasts to celebrate 30 years of Fiat Punto. Modern design by Giugiaro, great attention to detail and quality at a level never seen before in the small car segment. The Fiat Punto was an icon of Made in Italy mobility and still is today.

The success of the Fiat Punto on Subito

Although it has been out of production since 2018, the love for the Fiat Punto still lives in the hearts of Italians. Thanks to Immediately Engines, they can still buy it and give it new life. The three series of the small car produced by the FIAT car manufacturer – from the first designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro to the latest, the Punto 2012 – have accompanied Italians and beyond for years, reaching 9 million units sold.

On Subito Motori the myth for this car continues. The platform allows, in fact, to buy or sell specimens safely, from private individuals or dealers. But also to meet other enthusiasts, also thanks to the total transparency of the review service which allows everyone to get to know sellers and buyers, making Subito a real community of people who share the same passion, that for second hand.

One million searches for Fiat Punto on Subito

In the Motors section of Subito, in fact, the numbers speak for themselves: Fiat Punto she is more alive than ever. For the last 60 days, the word “Point” has been searched over 1 million times, demonstrating users’ continued interest in this iconic car. Furthermore, in the last two months alone, almost 50,000 adverts relating to the Punto have been published, demonstrating the persistent enthusiasm of enthusiasts.

The ads on Subito Motori

Subito Motori currently hosts almost 75,000 ads containing the keyword “Point”. Among the different models available, the Grande Punto stands out – which has been searched for over 250,000 times in the last two months – followed by the Punto Evo, searched for almost 120,000 times. These numbers testify to the uninterrupted popularity of the Fiat Punto model, which continues to be one of the favorite mobility choices for Italians.

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