Gladiator 2: baboons attack

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Director Ridley Scott has already shot 90 minutes of Gladiator 2, baboons and gladiators clash in one of the scenes

Ridley Scott (who responded to criticism on his latest film) has already shot and edited well 90 minutes of the new film Gladiator 2, where baboons and gladiators fight to the death in one of the ready-made scenes. The director was filming scenes for the sequel with Russel Crowe shortly before the start of actors’ strike. Filming will resume only after the end of the strike, but Ridley Scott still shortened the time by working on material already shot.

Gladiator 2: baboons attack

Gladiator 2: Baboons are a big threat

As reported by New Yorker, with SAG-AFTRA and the studios back in talks, Ridley Scott is preparing to return to filming scenes for Gladiator 2, starring Paul Mescal, the moment the strike ends. He said he might return on Monday. While waiting for the strike to end, the director was working on a scene from Gladiator 2 where the protagonist fights a troop of baboons. The reason is a video of baboons attacking tourists in Johannesburg, which Ridley is obsessed with.

Baboons are carnivores. Can you stay there on the roof for two hours with your leg dangling? NO! A baboon can.

Gladiator 2 is set years after the events of the first film. The sequel features adult Lucio (Paul Mescal), son of Conveniently (Joaquin Phoenix). Given the big time jump, unfortunately the protagonist of the first film, Russell Crowe, will not be present in the sequel. The actor won the Oscar for best actor thanks to Gladiator in the 73rd edition of the Oscar awards ceremony. In the cast, alongside Paul Mescal, we find Denzel Washington, Connie Nielsen, Derek Jacobi, Djimon Hounsou, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger and Pedro Pascal. We at are very curious to see this much-quoted scene from Gladiator 2 with the baboons, but also to find out if the sequel will live up to the first film. Continue to follow us so you don’t miss any other news on films and TV series.

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