The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

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In this article we will tell you about the main innovations introduced in the new Closed Beta 2 of The Finals, the interesting online competitive FPS from Embark Studios

The Finals is a new one online competitive FPS under development by Embark Studios. In the past we had already had the opportunity to try the title and as usual we had talked about it in ours preview dedicated, but now we had the opportunity to replay it once again thanks to the new one Closed Beta 2.

For this new test the development team has enriched the experience thanks to several completely new contents, but also made many changes to some of the main elements of the game. If you want to know more about the novelty present in the Closed Beta 2 of The Finals, in this article you will find all major changes.

The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

Game Changes | The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

In addition to the real news, the second Closed Beta of The Finals also has made improvements to some of the less convincing aspects of the first version. Specifically during our preview the gunplay he hadn’t fully satisfied us, given that the mouse in hand was a bit imprecise. In recent months, however, it seems that Embark Studios has really dedicated a lot to this aspect of the game, significantly improving the shooting. In fact, now the various firearms turn out to be a lot more reactive, precise and above all satisfying to use.

In addition, improvements have also been made regarding the rhythms of the game in some modes. In the first beta every single match saw four teams of three players collide and accumulate as much money as possible while trying not to lose any, but now the situation has changed a lot. In the mode quick play in fact they are present now only three teams and money management has been changed for don’t penalize less organized teams too much. This is how quick matches are much shorter and more funthus making it perfect for those players who perhaps want to make two solo shots without committing too much.

The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

New Weapons and Events | The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

Obviously in a new beta could not miss even the equipment-related news. In fact, the developers have decided to include ben in the game three new firearms, one for each type of build. They also introduced a new World Event able to make the final stages of some games even more exciting. If you want to know more, below you can find more in-depth information on both the weapons and the new event:

  • XP-54
    • This new tactical SMG has a slower rate of fire than the M11, but compensates with higher damage and greater accuracy in long-range engagements. The XP-54 is only available to characters with a light build.
  • FCAR
    • The FCAR is a tactical assault rifle with a lower rate of fire than the AKM but which on the other hand has a much higher accuracy which allows it to hit distant enemies more consistently. This weapon is only available to characters with a medium build.
  • Lewis Gun
    • The Lewis Gun is a light machine gun perfect for devastating opponents with a hail of bullets. This weapon also has a slower rate of fire than its starting counterpart, but at the same time offers significantly higher damage and accuracy. The Lewis Gun is only available to characters with a heavy build.
  • Laser Orbital
    • The Orbital Laser is a new World Event that can occur during the end stages of a match. This event will cause a very powerful laser located in space to activate and start targeting players who are not moving. This way teams that are defending their Cash Out points won’t be holed up waiting too long and will be forced to use a more aggressive approach.

The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

New Progression | The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

Finally Embark Studios has decided to make some changes to another of the aspects that had convinced us less: the progression. Initially it was necessary to use it very often to unlock the specific equipment of a class, whereas now players are given much more freedom. Now, in fact, every time you go up in rank you will have the possibility to unlock what you like regardless of the character you usually use.

This freedom has also been applied to a lesser extent also to the Battle Pass. By leveling up in the battle pass, you can in fact obtain gods tokens expendable to freely redeem the one you prefer among the available rewards. The only limitation lies in the fact that the Battle Pass is divided into zones which are unlocked by leveling up and accordingly you will not be able to get the most advanced rewards immediatelybut in the end it is right that it is so.

The Finals: all the news from the Closed Beta 2

Constant improvement

That’s all for what’s new in The Finals Closed Beta 2. Overall we are very satisfied of the changes made by Embark and we are sure that if they continue like this they will succeed in transforming this title into a very successful FPS.

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