Roborock S7 Max Ultra: a latest generation robot vacuum cleaner

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Today we talk about Roborock S7 Max Ultra, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with the latest generation mopping system and a self-cleaning base station. Let’s see all the details!

With more and more satisfied consumers, robot vacuum cleaners are no longer an ordinary cleaning tool, but a effective tools to improve our lives. Not only are they able to sweep and mop autonomously, but to empty the dust container and clean the cloth without human intervention. With Roborock S7 Max Ultra, you will practically no longer have to think about cleaning the floors, you can completely rely on your robot vacuum cleaner!

Roborock S7 Max Ultra: a fully autonomous robot vacuum cleaner

Roborock, the technology leader in the industry, has always insisted on the vibration cleaning mode of its mopping robots, from S7 series, S7 Pro series, S8 series and this time the new Roborock S7 Max Ultra further improves the VibraRise vibration cleaning system, which cleans the floor with 3,000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute while applying an additional downward pressure of around 600g. This greatly improves the cleaning of stubborn stains and makes the floor cleaner than you can do it by hand.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra relies heavily on the vibration cleaning system, because it cleans the floors more thoroughly, but also on the base station, because, thanks to the combined work of the vibration system and the squeegee bar, you can easily clean the cloth in a automatic, so that the robot can wash the floor more thoroughly and for a longer period of time. Unlike spin mops on the market, which rely on an internal structure that prevents the squeegee from completely scraping the mop while cleaning inside the Base Station and, even worse, fails to remove all the dirt residues that risk to stay on the robot.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra: a latest generation robot vacuum cleaner

Fully automatic cleaning

The innovative double squeegee bar design of the S7 Max Ultra and the exclusive VibraRise vibration system offer an effect with a double cleaning system of the cloth. The left and right movement of the squeegee bar in the Base Station scrapes the mop and the built-in self-cleaning brush rotates at high speed against the mop surface, with double scrape and double friction to thoroughly clean the mop stains. When you start it automatic cleaning procedure, the scraper on the cleaning module inside the base station scrapes the mop from left to right and then right to left repeatedly, easily removing the dirt from the mop, while the scraper on the bottom of the cleaning module scrapes the dirt in the sink on the right side, for cleaning the base station as well. This method completely overcomes the disadvantages of using centrifugal force and friction to clean the mop in other models, resulting in a deeper clean.

After cleaning the mop, the 45°C hot air drying technology is activated to dry the mop and the base station sink, thus preventing the growth of bacteria and the formation of odors due to moisture.

The functionalities

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a floating main brush rubber for uneven floors and a suction power of 5,500 Pa, with a lift-up cloth for carpeted floors. Thanks to the floating rubber brush, the robot adapts perfectly to the floor and collects dust from uneven surfaces with ease. This makes it one of the most powerful models on the market!

Roborock S7 Max Ultra is equipped with a RockDock Ultra high power base stationwhich provides full functional coverage from the central cleaning unit to the cleaning base station, enabling automatic mop washing, automatic mop drying, automatic dust collection, automatic cleaning of the base station, automatic filling of the ‘water, automatic refill and then a minimizing manual maintenance.

With the help of the navigation system based on LiDAR, you can entrust your floor cleaning tasks to the S7 Max Ultra without fear, as its route planning is excellent, avoiding obstacles and without going over the same spot several times. As far as obstacle management is concerned, the S7 Max Ultra is equipped with the advanced system Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidancewhich ensures that the vacuum cleaner recognizes and avoids obstacles when cleaning.

The robot also adds an innovative technology of out-of-hours charging, with the possibility of recharging outside the peak range, saving money and being more environmentally friendly. And thanks to the handy Roborock app, which connects to Amazon Alexa, users can control the robot with ease. Users can also optimize their cleaning experience with no-go zones, quick mapping, custom cleaning schedules, multi-level mapping, 3D mapping, and more.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra: a latest generation robot vacuum cleaner

The introductory offer of Roborock S7 Max Ultra

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum cleaner is capable of sweeping, mopping and much more. It will be available on Amazon at introductory price of 949 euros during the New Launch Event from June 15th to June 21st. Subsequently the original price will return to 1199 euros.

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