The first level of Pac-Man with LEGO bricks – The work of Loris Donadello | Interview

Il primo livello di Pac-Man con i mattoncini LEGO - L'opera di Loris Donadello

Our interviews dedicated to LEGO fans who every day engage in the construction of personal works. In fact, the community boasts a series of protagonists who give space to their creativity through the skilful use of bricks. This time the theme is linked to a real icon that we are sure will be appreciated by all the gamers who follow us every day on our pages! Let’s find out together the LEGO MOC inspired by Pac-Manconceived and built by Loris Donadello!

LEGO Passion – Let’s discover Loris Donadello

Loris Donadello told us how his passion has always flowed within him. “I think I’ve always had my passion (but which I’m not ashamed to call Love) for construction. In fact, before using LEGOs, I was building fantastic cities with sets of colored sticks. Once they were done, it was always nice to throw it all down and start over. Then, one magical Christmas (I must have been 5/6 years old), the LEGO 375 set, known as the Yellow Castle, broke into my house. That was love at first sight and I spent 2 days building it together with my father, it’s one of the best memories I have “.

the dark ages

Loris Donadello then told us how for a period he abandoned the hobby and how it returned to his life. “After 4 years from the birth of my daughter, my father (to empty his house) dumped all the LEGOs that had remained in his garage closed in boxes for years. From there my daughter began to get passionate, while I slowly rediscovered what she had done in 35 years of LEGO and how deep the White Rabbit hole was “.

Pac-Man LEGO – How it all started

Loris Donadello with his work

We asked Loris to tell us about his MOC and how the idea came about, here’s what he replied! “The idea of ​​doing a work dedicated to Pac-Man was born on a Sunday. I had nothing to do and browsing through Facebook I saw a photo of a friend who had recreated a bracelet inspired by the franchise with LEGO Dots “. He then went on to say: “So I said to myself that it would be great to recreate the 1st level screen of the game! Hence the idea of ​​doing it and offering it in a board game version, I was astonished! “.

The constructive method

As we have seen recently, more and more passionate builders are using 3d software for the design of their works. Loris Donadello instead decided to take another path, that of paper, pencils and ruler.

“I redrawed on paper the various construction layers of the game level, counting and listing all the pieces necessary for the realization. The most complicated thing was being able to respect the color range of the video game !!! In fact, one of the ghosts should have been pink, but unfortunately the 2 pieces in question are not produced by LEGO in that color… so I had to divert to purple “, says Loris Donadello.

As for the number of pieces used, the work is made up of just over 1300 bricks.

Loris Donadello then told us how almost 3 months passed from design to construction, many of which awaited the arrival of the pieces necessary for its completion. “To pass the wait, I spent these weeks structuring and indexing a small booklet that regulates movements, game turns and special functions all obviously managed with original LEGO dice. Everything was then completed with a final creative session creating a sheet of stickers with eyes and mouths to personalize the various characters “.

LEGO Pac Man 2

What to expect in the future?

Finally, before saying goodbye, we asked Loris Donadello what plans he had for the future: “Let’s say that as a moffatore, that is to create MOF (a term I created – My Own Figure) I believe I am one of the most productive in Italy if not of Europe. With MOCs, when I make something, the subject really has to excite me and the intent is always to make it to a minifigure scale ”.

We conclude by thanking Loris Donadellofrom the group of enthusiasts NEB – Nordest Brickfor wanting to share his work with us and with all our readers!

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