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The Oppo Reno7 review, originality in the mid-range

Do you think all mid-range smartphones look alike? Oppo Reno7 try to stand out with special finishes on the back, while proving solid in performance during testing for this one review. Lightweight and compact, it has many appreciable qualities for the price (especially with the promotional bundle), as well as some goodies such as the option microscope of the camera. But is an interesting look and good specifications enough to stand out from all other mid-range smartphones? We help you understand if Oppo Reno7 is for you in our review.

Our Oppo Reno7 review

The mid-range smartphone market is getting more and more interesting every time. By now the standard quality of all smartphones above around 200 euros is such that it is difficult to find really bad quality smartphones. Making the wrong purchase is difficultbut on the other hand it becomes complicated for those who buy: what distinguishes a smartphone from the other?

Oppo’s answer to this question is immediately grasped by opening the Reno7 package. Looking at the front face of the smartphone, it looks like a device like many others, with flat bezels (indeed, the lower one is perhaps a little too thick compared to the average). But once taken in hand, feel the difference right away.

The back cover to the touch turns out rough, giving a pleasant feeling. It is made of leather fiber (artificial, fear not) and in the device we test it is in the coloring Sunset Orange. Gorgeous: We liked it right away and every time we showed someone the smartphone the reaction was the same. Unfortunately, the silicone cover in the package (like any other cover) ruins the tactile effect: a real shame, since many users use it.

Oppo Reno7 it only weighs 175 grams and is only 7.49mm thick. These are not record numbers but they are definitely below average, especially in this price range. We like the design very much, although the front is not very original, the rear is a great recovery. But unfortunately the certification is alone IPX4: only resists splashes, avoid dropping it into water.

Oppo has separated the power button (on the right) from those for the volume (on the left), while in step you find the entrance USBC and the ever-popular jack da 3.5mm for headphones. On the back you find the bump for the cameras, which has a anello LED (Orbit Light) around a secondary camera. This ring lights up when you receive notifications or when you charge your smartphone. A little extra touch of style, which we appreciate.

In addition to the silicone cover, you will also find the 33W battery charger.

90Hz AMOLED screen

Oppo has supplied its Reno7 smartphone with a display from 6.4 in which impressed us positively during this review. The AMOLED panel has a 2400 × 1080 FHD + resolution, with density from 409 PPI and 8-bit color depth. We are not talking about top-of-the-range specs but they are definitely above average.

oppo reno7 smartphone review min

Especially by increasing the brightness you can enjoy brilliant colors and excellent contrast, even under sunlight (the maximum brightness touches 800 nits). You can enjoy streaming to the fullest thanks to HDR certification.

Il refresh rate da 90 Hz it is more than enough in any situation, in general the screen is really very responsive. Navigating through the menus and switching between applications is pleasant and smooth. Also find blue light reduction to avoid eye strain.

Finally, Oppo used the Gorilla Glass 5 for this display, ensuring it resists scratches and accidental drops. And it has equipped the screen with a fingerprint reader that convinced us, it is fast and comfortable to use.

Oppo Reno7 review: performance

Oppo has equipped its smartphone with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 680. A chip that does not produce excellent results when played or used graphically loaded applications. The benchmarks below do not paint an idyllic picture of this smartphone. But everyday use surprised us positively.

oppo reno7 review benchmark min

The game sessions weren’t brilliant, but we were able to play Genshin Impact for a while without any problems. Loading times aren’t stellar, but the performances remain solid, even if not excellent.

Above all we enjoyed the RAM memory management: find in the device 8GB, but you can expand it using 2, 3, or 5GB flash memory as needed. We never needed it. Indeed, switching from one app to another was simple and immediate, even when they are heavy applications such as games. There 128GB memory it could be a limitation for those who use cloud services less than us, but if you remember to delete the photos and videos in backup, you should not have problems.

As an operating system you find Android 12, in the version ColorOS 12 that uses well the Material You and full-screen gestures. The system works really well, though we would have preferred a few less apps on startup (but you can quickly delete them).

To report the absence of 5Gwhich shouldn’t be a big problem at the moment but could become so in the future.

An interesting camera but with limitations

Oppo has equipped its smartphone with one photocamere 64MP main, capable of condensing four pixels into one to produce 16MP photographs. The result in optimal light conditions is quite good. Capture many details, especially in brighter scenes, and produces realistic color images. We’re not talking about perfect shots, but they are good images for the price.

Oppo then provided a 2MP depth sensor and an optic 2MP microscope. Lat first it allows you to create effects bokeh in decent quality portrait mode, the latter uses the circle of LEDs around the sensor to illuminate and do microscopic photographs. We tried to analyze the fibers on our sweatshirt and some leaves from our garden. A nice novelty to try. But in the long run, we would have preferred an ultra-wide or telescopic lenswhich we could have used in more contexts.

The camera therefore has some fun but not too useful options: the result is one decent quality camera but not very flexible.

The camera from selfie da 32MP take advantage of the sensor IMX709 for interesting shots, which we appreciated. Even in this case, however, the best results are there in optimal lighting conditions, while it struggles a bit to balance the color tones when the light is poor. But the results here are definitely above average for the price range: it is a higher quality sensor.

Battery and charging

During our review Oppo Reno7 proved to have excellent autonomythanks to the large battery from 4.500 mAh and processor power management Snapdragon 680. With average use, you can get to two working days without too many problems. And even with heavy use we ended the day with more than 30%.

When you need to recharge your smartphone, you can use the 33W SuperVOOC charger in the package. To go from 0% to 100% you need just over an hour and a half, but after the first half hour you can get enough autonomy for a day of average use. Excellent, given the price.

oppo reno7 smartphone review battery charging min

Oppo Reno7 review: is it worth buying?

You can buy the new one Oppo Reno7 on the Oppo website with headphones Enco Air or Band Style at 299.99 euro, even in three interest-free installments. There is no bundle on Amazon, but the price remains the same at launch. For this figure, it is a smartphone with an interesting and compact design. It offers a good quality screen and a great autonomy.

If for you the 5G it is a necessity or if you are looking for a smartphone to play to the fullest, it is not the device for you. Those who want better cameras will probably have to spend a few dollars more. But for everyone else, Oppo Reno7 manages to stand out from the crowd with a particular look, a good selfie camera and a nice screen at a great price. Recommended, especially if you don’t want to use the cover.


  • Look (especially in the Sunset Orange coloring)
  • Great autonomy
  • Good front camera


  • Not very versatile rear camera
  • Gaming performance so-so
  • 5G is missing
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