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The First Slam Dunk in theaters today!

Finally here we are! The First Slam Dunk officially arrived in cinemas today in its original language and from tomorrow dubbed into Italian: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

The highly anticipated The First Slam Dunk finally arrives in Italian cinemas, written and directed by the well-known mangaka Takehiko Inoue, former creator of the acclaimed original manga and here in his first attempt as a director. The original animated film The First Slam Dunk will be in Italian cinemas in preview from today 10 May in the original subtitled version and exclusively from 11 to 17 May in the dubbed version. It’s about a real epochal event for fans of the brand, who will finally be able to admire the vision of the master Inoue on the big screenwho over 30 years after the debut of the manga wanted to personally sign the title to guarantee the original spirit of the work, capable of conquering admirers all over the world and climbing the peaks of the Japanese and Asian Box Office.

Unanimously received with enthusiastic reviews by Italian critics (here you can find our review!) and by the most influential personalities of the “anime world”, the film finally makes its debut with a grand-style release, available in just under 300 theaters throughout Italy, the first country in Europe and in the entire West to be able to see the title on the big screen. Produced by TOEI Animation, The First Slam Dunk is arriving in Italian cinemas distributed by Anime Factorylabel of Plaion Pictures, as a week-long event:

  • On May 10, previewed in the original subtitled version
  • From 11 to 17 May in a dubbed version

The First Slam Dunk porta al cinema Takehiko Inoue!

The First Slam Dunk takes the viewer onto the pitch, right into the match, where point guard Ryota Miyagi and the rest of the Shohoku team – made up of Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Takenori Akagi and Hisashi Mitsui – are about to bring to life one of the most exciting matches ever seen on the big screen, but also back in time, thanks to unpublished flashbacks that reveal some of the most significant memories of Ryota’s past – never told by Inoue to date. As the director himself underlined:

The characters continued to live in me even after the series ended. […] Also, as I myself have changed since the manga serialization, there are perspectives that I wanted to describe but wasn’t able to fully illustrate at the time, and perspectives that weren’t visible to me at the time. I hope you enjoy this as a new Slam Dunk, even if it’s a Slam Dunk with new elements.

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