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The first update for Windows 11 is coming

Microsoft released the first major upgrade for WIndows 11, which will bring a lot of news on the operating system. Among these, the support for Android apps – available for US users -, a widget meteo, and support for displaying date and time on additional monitors. In addition to this, the update of the Notepad and Media Player apps will also arrive. But let’s see what it is about in more detail.

Windows 11: all the news of the first update of the operating system

The most awaited news of the update released by Microsoft is undoubtedly the support for the‘running App Android and Windows 11, which has become available to members of the Microsoft Insider program for some time. To download mobile applications, users must use the Amazon Appstore, available in the Microsoft Store. The process of installing and running Android applications on Windows 11 is very simple, and does not require any special knowledge in the industry. But the feature will be available for US users onlyremember this well.

Windows 11 update

Right now, though, it’s available for download a limited number of applications – less than 60 -, and there is not even the possibility of installing the Google Play Store. In the future, however, Microsoft promises to expand the possibilities associated with installing and using Android applications. Beyond that, the Android update also introduces some changes to the taskbar. As anticipated, these include support for displaying the date and time on additional monitors, and the ability to share a window in Teams directly from the bar itself. And then support for the Weather widget, familiar to Windows 10 users.

As for the apps, Notepad now shows a more modern design, which is well suited to the general style of the Windows 11 update. support for “Dark Mode” and Media Player will replace Groove Music, becoming the default video and audio playback tool. In short, many news are coming, even if it seems that Microsoft is already working on a second update, called “Sun Valley 2”. This may be available next fall, but we’ll find out more in the future.

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