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LG, a complete audio experience: with headphones, speakers and more

LG Electronics introduces many new devices to enrich your audio experience: speaker, cuffie true wireless, soundbar. In short, everything you need to enjoy a quality podcast, your favorite playlist and more.

LG: headphones, speakers, sound bars for a superior experience

If you love to take your time to listen to some music, a podcast or maybe an audio book, the true wireless headphones LG TONE Free FP9 they are the perfect product for you. Not only do they have an ergonomic design that’s perfect for your ears. But thanks to the function of Active Noise Cancellation you can isolate yourself from the hum of public transport, for example.

This technology, in addition to the three microphones present in each headset, makes the calls optimal. But those who love music can test the function Headphone Spatial Processing di Meridian Audiocapable of enveloping you with a sound that comes from all directions.

AV-XBOOMGo 360-min

LG XBOOM 360 instead it is the speaker with a refined design, with a built-in metal handle to be able to easily move it from one room to another. There fabric cover in different colors and the elegant cylindrical shape make it perfect even for the most elegant of homes. The structure acts as a tweeter and woofer reflectordesigned to deliver 360-degree sound with minimal distortion.

Lo LG speaker UltraGear™ GP9 instead it has a decidedly gamer look (you can see it on the cover). You can listen to exciting music, sound effects and dialogue to enhance the gaming experience. It also has built-in microphones for communicating in voice chats. Thanks to proprietary LG 3D Gaming Sound technology, you will have incredibly detailed virtual surround sound. For a realistic sense of space, position and directionality, all without the need for bulky headphones.

In short, with LG all your audio needs are met.

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