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The five tips for approaching Bitcoin

How to approach the bitcoin market? A question that in the last period has become so frequent that it has found various answers and interpretations. To try to provide a “pentagon” of useful rules we try Conio: the American company founded by Italian entrepreneurs, in 2015 in San Francisco.

Never get knocked down by sudden collapses

Bitcoin quotes change not only from day to day, but from minute to minute. So the first piece of advice is to keep your nerve and don’t get scared. Continue to plan and diversify your portfolios. The fluctuations depend on purchases and sales: completely natural fluctuations also in this field that should not scare, but which must be wisely tamed.

Avoid “gurus”

Dealing with digital currencies also means knowing how to choose who to trust. Those who offer easy solutions or promise incredible and immediate gains are not the best person. Watchwords: documentation and study, but also the desire to listen to more sources. Actions to be carried out in a constant and fundamental way, because updating and keeping up with the times makes the difference.

Safety first of all

In addition to studying and being updated, it is also good to try to protect yourself: entrusting your capital to those who can protect it is one of the most important actions to take when starting to invest, and it is also the best way to continue to do so. For example, keeping your funds on a wallet that guarantees the real holding of your cryptocurrencies and an adequate level of protection: it is an essential step to take.


If market fluctuations are your concern, one of the best strategies to overcome these uncertain times is to diversify your buying times. If you invest small amounts over several moments, it will be much easier to cope with fluctuations and grow your portfolio. One of the most intuitive ways to do this is, for example, through an accumulation plan (CAP).

Little steps

Don’t be in a hurry to be an expert right away: studying the market and keeping your eyes open will in fact take you far, but also a reasoned initial investment. Conio always recommends allocating approximately 3% of your investment portfolio, a figure capable of protecting users even in the event of excessive market fluctuations.

“New Bitcoin investors are growing day by day. It is an important and exciting fact, but it also imposes responsibilities on anyone who is a veteran of the sector. With Conio we have always been committed to ensuring that new investors feel protected and can increase their portfolio. The rules that we at Conio suggest are simple but important, as is entrusting your investments and therefore your earnings to those who have known and studied the market for years in order to offer the best services with maximum transparency “he comments. Christian Miccoli, co-founder and CEO of Conio

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