PUBG MOBILE and the island of Santorini: here is a new partnership

PUGB MOBILE directs its horizons towards the island of Santorini, with a new game map that is created following the agreement between one of the most famous games in the world for mobile devices and the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

The “Diamond Point” of the Aegean Sea, as Santorini is also known, which owes so much of its conformation to ancient volcanic eruptions, and which – net of the sanitary moment – remains one of the most beautiful and touristic places in the world. part of PUBG MOBILE with the “Map of the Santorini Arena”, consisting of: the iconic blue roofs of the island, the whitewashed houses, the high and low cascading streets and the incredible ocean views, of which the players will enjoy in the exploration modes.

PUBG MOBILE and Santorini kick off 8 vs. 8

The “Santorini Arena Map” allows for a new battle mode: 8v8 between clans, with gamers unavoidably attentive to their movements on the hills of the island.

In Team Deathmatches – 8 vs. 8 – players can count on infinite respawns knowing that they will earn 1 points for each enemy they go to eliminate.

So how do you win? Winning will be the first team to reach the goal of eliminating within the time limit of the battle.

But it does not end here because in addition to the “Battle 8 vs 8 Arena” mode, there is also the “Training” mode, where users are free to use any type of weapon in the spawn points, without the need to set a loadout.

How to select the “Santorini” map? By choosing “Unranked” and “Arena” in the menu.

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