Le offerte fisso + mobile sono molto convenienti: i dati dell'Osservatorio SOStariffe.it thumbnail

The fixed + mobile offers are convenient: SOStariffe.it data

The new investigation bySOStariffe.it Observatory confirm the convenience of offers that combine fixed and mobile Internet. By choosing the combined offers proposed by telephone operators active in Italy, it is possible to obtain savings, compared to the cost of the two services activated individually, and to access various additional bonuses. Here are the details:

The fixed + mobile Internet offers guarantee considerable savings: the data from the SOStariffe.it Observatory

The study confirmed that choose a fixed + mobile offer for the Internet at home and for the smartphone SIM guarantees a saving of 13%. On average, these offers include a total monthly fee of € 33.26 and a saving of 5 euros per month compared to the cost of the two services activated separately. The annual savings are therefore 60 euros.

What the offers include

According to data from the SOStariffe.it Observatory, the home Internet rates of fixed + mobile offers always include the possibility of exploiting the FTTH optical fiber (in areas where this technology is available) up to a maximum speed of 2.5 Gb. As for the mobile tariff included in these offers, users have a package with unlimited minutes, 1400 SMS and approximately 1,092 GB per month. In many cases, however, operators propose Giga illimitati.

Those who have activated a fixed + mobile offer can, at a later time, deactivate one of the two components. The survey highlights how by deactivating the fixed network component you will have to pay an average deactivation fee of 24 euros and you could lose the advantages for the mobile offer, such as unlimited Giga. By deactivating the mobile part5e, however, you could lose the discount applied to the fixed network subscription.

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