ClevPicks: artificial intelligence and football betting

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In this piece we tell you about ClevPicks, a reliable match result prediction system based on artificial intelligence that can be a useful tool to guide your football bets. Let’s see some more details!

Everyone knows football in our country. There are those who love it, those who hate it, but no one can deny that it is the most followed and widespread sport in Italy and throughout Europe. In addition to the passion for sport and for one’s favorite team, many fans put a little extra spice on football betting. Betting on the results of football matches is quite common and the turnover is close to one billion euros.

Winning can be quite a stroke, however you need to have a lot of luck. We can help goddess blindfolded, analyzing the available data and trying to predict the results of the departures. To do this, you need considerable experience that many do not have, which is why professional advice is sometimes sought from experts. ClevPicks fits into this scenario, allowing patrons to maximize the chance of winning.

ClevPicks: artificial intelligence and football betting

ClevPicks: football betting supported by artificial intelligence

ClevPicks is a professional platform that provides 1 to 3 forecasts of results completely free of charge. By following the football betting tips from ClevPicks experts you can give that sparkle as you follow the games and increase the chance of earning a little something. In addition to its experts, ClevPicks uses artificial intelligence to analyze game data to provide more reliable advice.

What services are offered?

Essentially ClevPicks provides a kind of consulting service on football betting, providing the most reliable forecasts possible on the results of football matches. However, it is not an online betting platform. Predictions are based on expert opinion and AI models that learn continuously from past games. Thanks to the large amount of experience accumulated, both methods allow you to reach peaks of 70-80% on long-term predictions and even 90% on short-term predictions. Thanks to these high chances of success, it is also possible to focus on long-term bets that guarantee more important winnings (against a greater risk of course).

ClevPicks staff are absolutely aware of the risk users take and of course the goal is to establish a relationship of trust, providing real support in formulating betting strategies to maximize profit. Also for this reason, the lead offers an after-sales service via email. In case you are not satisfied with your performance on football bets, you can contact the staff who will help you improve your game strategy.

ClevPicks: artificial intelligence and football betting

How to use ClevPicks

Let’s see how the ClevPicks starting results prediction service works. We can say that the system it works a bit like a social network. In fact, several experts work on the platform who can help you formulate a winning strategy for your bets with their advice. The “profile” of a ClevPicks expert contains the statistics of its performance. In particular, we will be able to view the result in the last 10 forecasts, the number of total recommendations and the percentage of successful predictions. Scrolling through the profile we can see the matches on which the expert has formulated his predictions and, further down, the past ones. If the profile interests us, we can also follow it so as not to miss the latest updates.

ClevPicks offers daily football match predictions for free, but if you want to access the full service and the most succulent forecasts, you’ll have to activate a VIP profile or pay in virtual currencies (which must be purchased of course). There are also “pre-packaged” betting strategies that you can follow or you can decide to search for predictions on the football matches that interest you most and build your own strategy. But be careful: the platform will update its forecasts up to 1 hour before the start of the match, so monitor well before making your choice.

ClevPicks: artificial intelligence and football betting


ClevPicks combines intelligent algorithms and expert football matches to make predictions on the results that can be useful for bettors to maximize the probability of winning. ClevPicks uses a clear and transparent mechanism and cares a lot about user loyalty: if users win, they will obviously be more likely to use the platform. If you like to bet and above all to win, take a trip to ClevPicks! We remind you that the game must always be managed responsibly. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!