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The fourth edition of the “Amazon Women in Innovation” scholarship is coming

For the fourth consecutive year, Amazon will award scholarships “Amazon Women in Innovation”. The scholarships are part of the Amazon Community program and are designed to incentivize it study of STEM subjects.

Amazon Women in Innovation: the fourth edition begins

Amazon has established the scholarships in the universities of the cities where the respectively Development Center, the Corporate offices, different Distribution Centers and the headquarters of Customer Service. We are talking about the following universities: the Polytechnic of Turin, the Politecnico di Milano, l’University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ and theUniversity of Cagliari. All scholarships will be offered for theacademic year 2021/2022.

Amazon has always been committed to bring young people closer to STEM subjects and Coding, especially girls and girls who, again because of social and cultural stereotypes, they decide to take other paths.

Amazon Women in Innovation offers financing of € 6,000 per year, for three years, a four female students. Among them we find one who intends to achieve one Degree in Mathematical Engineering O Informatica at the Politecnico di Milano; another enrolled in the Degree Course in computer engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin; one engaged at the faculty of Computer Engineering o di Internet engineering of the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ and a fourth enrolled in the Degree Course in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering of the University of Cagliari.

Universities will choose the winners based on parameters of merit and of income. In addition to financially supporting the students, Amazon will make one available to them Amazon manager. In this way they will be able to develop useful skills for future work as techniques to create an effective resume or face a job interview.

Statements from Amazon and universities

Mariangela Marseille, Vice President and Country Manager of Amazon Italy and Spain, stated that the scholarships will support deserving young girls to develop their skills, in the technological and digital fields. He also pointed out that these are skills more and more requests in the world of work, as well as being fundamental for the future of the country.

Donatella Sciuto he is Deputy Vice Rector of the Milan Polytechnic. Sciuto spoke of how much the future of the country often depends on many choices made by young people, at this very moment. Our country has funds and energies at its disposal which, according to you, we must free up starting from human capital and from enhancement of talent. And that’s exactly what Amazon’s initiative wants to do.

Claudia De Giorgi, Deputy Rector for Quality, Welfare and Equal Opportunities of Polytechnic of Turin, revealed that the Politecnico di Torino welcomes this incredible Amazon initiative with open arms. De Giorgi explains that Amazon Women in Innovation is consistent with the Equal Opportunity policies that the University has been promoting for several years now.

Orazio Schillaci, Rector ofTor Vergata University, stated that the financial support given by Amazon to a particularly deserving student of their university takes on particular significance in that aims at enhancing the contribution of women in the perspective of significant functions within important corporate structures.

Ignazio Putzu, Vice Rector for Didactics of the University of Sardinian capital he concludes by stating that this initiative is a precious opportunity that allows the University to favor ed incentivize deserving students. At the same time, finally, it will guarantee them valid support to continue their university career.

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