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The “French scar” is the new depopulated challenge on TikTok: the Antitrust launches an investigation

Bad news for TikTok. L’Antitrust he started an investigation against the Chinese social network because a new one is depopulating dangerous challenge among young users: the “French scar”. Here’s what it is.

The Antitrust against TikTok for the dangerous challenge of the “French scar”

By “French scar” we mean a new dangerous challenge, which is depopulating on TikTok in this period, which invites teenagers to cause bruises on their faces, until they leave their mark. According to the Antitrust Authority, there is no adequate system to supervise content published by third parties e are not applied Guidelines of the companies that own the platform, which contemplate the removal of dangerous content that instigates suicide, self-harm and unhealthy nutrition.

For this reason, an investigation has been initiated by the Competition and Market Authority against the Irish company TikTok Technology Limitedactive in the social media sector through the TikTok platform, and responsible for relations with European consumers.

TikTok French scar

The reason lies, as mentioned above, in the self-harming behaviors emerged from the latest videos of the boys published on the social network. In particular of the bruises visible on the face by squeezing the skin of the cheeks.

The Antitrust contested TikTok’s failure to set up adequate monitoring systems to supervise the contents published by third parties, according to the parameters of diligence required, and above all in the presence of particularly vulnerable users of the service such as minors.

The Guidelines that have not been enforced on TikTok

Also according to the Antitrust Authority, the companies would not have applied their own Guidelines relating to challenges, suicide, self-harm and incorrect nutrition. Not only that, but he is also accused of having exploited the artificial intelligence techniques they cause the algorithm and which affect the use of TikTok. In fact, today the Competition and Market Authority, with the help of the Special Antitrust Unit of the Guardia di Finanza, carried out an inspection.

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