Best iOS app to GPS spoof Pokémon GO

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In this article we will explain how one of the best GPS spoofing apps to use to play Pokémon GO on iPhone works. Let’s see the details!

When Pokémon GO came out, we encountered a completely different way of playing on a smartphone. Augmented reality forced us to put our legs over our shoulders and leave the comfortable sofa to go outdoors. Looking for Pokémon, PokéStops, gyms and anything else forced us to move through the streets of our cities. However, there was always one major limitation: many pokémon could only be found in certain, hard-to-reach areas and as the game progressed it became more and more complex to be able to go ahead on one’s own legs. Here some tricks have begun to emerge, first of all the GPS spoofing for Pokèmon GO. There are several apps for spoofing, however today we are going to tell you about one of the most interesting, namely ClevGO.

Best iOS app to GPS spoof Pokémon GO

ClevGO: How the Pokémon GO spoof iOS app works

Spoofing simply means trick the GPS system of our phone, making it believe that it is in a different place than the actual one, anywhere in the world. In this way any app that uses GPS to locate our device, including Pokémon GO, will believe that we are in another place. However, ClevGo is particularly advanced because it not only allows you to change the position, but also to virtually move our phone so that we can play easily just as if we were moving on our legs! And it is precisely because of its characteristics that we have chosen it to bring it to your attention!

How to use

Using ClevGO to spoof while playing Pokémon Go is really simple! In a few clicks you can change the position of your phone and “teleport” to any point in the world. Let’s see how to use the app (here the official guide):

  • Connect the device: we have two options in this case. The first is to connect the device to the PC where we have installed the software, unlock it and enter the code to associate it. From now on we will be able to connect the phone to the PC also via Wi-Fi.
  • Change location: ClevGO offers several ways to change your location.
  • Teleportation: by selecting the teleportation mode we will simply move the virtual position of the phone to a pinto at will. We can choose a point on the map or search for a specific address. By clicking on “Move” the position of our phone will be changed.
  • Movimento Two-Spot: in this case we can select two points, one of departure and one of arrival. The app will interpolate a path as realistic as possible between these two indicated points. We can obviously give some indications such as the travel time.
  • Multi-Spot Movement: similar to the previous one, but in this case we will be able to create much more complex routes using different intermediate points (up to 100).
  • Manual Movement: to have maximum freedom, ClevGO provides a joystick with which to freely move the position of our smartphone on the map, just like in a video game!
  • Spoofing features exclusive to ClevGO

    This application also provides a series of features to control the movement trajectory of our smartphone in a more advanced way. The mode Circle Route it activates if two spots are very close and will ask the user if he wants to create a circular trajectory. There realistic mode on the other hand, applicable to Two-Spot and Multi-Spot movements, it allows you to vary the speed randomly, in order to simulate a real human walk. We can also loop a certain movement.

    The fluctuation mode it will allow you to vary the position within a radius of 5 meters to avoid the warnings that some apps launch. We will then have the opportunity to revisit previously visited places thanks to the chronology or to save our more complex routes in a dedicated file. And it all works without device modifications such as jailbreak.


    The app is Windows PC and Mac available. It can be installed in just a few clicks and is immediately operational! You can download a free trial version with limited functionality and then decide to purchase the product on a monthly and yearly subscription basis.

    More Pokémon GO GPS spoofing tips

    There are also other apps to spoof GPS and make Pokémon GO easier to play. For example Fake GPS Location Spoofer It is available in both free and paid versions. If you want to change your location on Android 6 or higher, the free version of this application will allow you to do it in a very simple way. The free version offers a large number of features, although the paid version offers some extras that make playing GPS tracking games easier. No root privileges are needed.

    EaseUS MobiAnyGo is Tenorshare iAnyGo are other apps that can simulate virtual location on iPhone/iPad and change GPS location anywhere in the world. They allow you to plan a route and move automatically with a customized speed. With this powerful feature, you can easily play location-based AR games, like Pokemon Go, from the comfort of your home.

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