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The FRITZ news! at IFA 2023: fiber optics, Wi-Fi 7 and the Smart Home of the future

AVMthe Berlin communications specialist, is presenting its latest innovations at IFA 2023 for fiber optic connections, Wi-Fi 7 and the Smart Home of the future. The new top model, the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro, combines fiber optics and DSL in one device: a powerful tri-band Wi-Fi router with Wi-Fi 7 and Zigbee. Increased speed and reduced latency on the mains thanks to the new FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX.

FRITZ!, here’s what will be presented at IFA 2023

Greater control of consumption and energy savings thanks to FRITZ!DECT 350, the new device for doors and windows. New features on MyFRITZ!Net: consumption analysis always at hand for smart sockets FRITZ!DECT 200 e FRITZ!DECT 210. Smart Home even more versatile thanks to integration with standards Matter e Zigbee. Even more intuitive configuration of FRITZ!Boxes using the MyFRITZ! app

FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro: the new top of the range aIFA 2023

Fiber optic is coming to many homes and the transition from DSL to fiber optic is near. The new FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro offers the necessary flexibility for this technological shift. With Wi-Fi 7, Zigbee and DECT, plus a powerful processor and many connection options via gigabit LAN and USB.

The new top model in an elegant vertical design is suitable for all common fiber optic connections: for standard GPON e AON and via the 2.5 GBit/s WAN port for use with a fiber optic modem (ONT).

Alternatively, the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro can be used on all DSL connections, including super vectoring, for speeds of up to 300 MBit/s. The premium model is also a router Mesh tri-band and supports Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of Wi-Fi connections, with improvements in latency, speed and throughput.

New features for fiber optic connections with FRITZ!Box Fibers at IFA 2023

AVM introduces new features within the user interface of FRITZ!Box Fiber products. You can receive all the information about the quality and speed of your fiber connections. All models FRITZ!Box FiberFRITZ!Box 5590 and 5530 Fiber as well as the new 5690 Pro can be connected directly to the fiber optic connection.

Users can insert the fiber optic cable included in the package into the junction box. The first-time setup procedure guides you intuitively through all settings. Compared to using two devices – a modem (ONT) and a router – a single device consumes less energy and is able to save up to 40%.

Using an integrated device for fiber optics, DSL, cable and 5G is also safer, as updates are available centrally and new functions are available immediately. All models of FRITZ!Box Fiber operate in the fiber optic network in accordance with standards and offer network providers and users a great deal of transparency for fast and stable internet connections.

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Next generation Wi-Fi 7 for fiber optic, DSL and cable

AVM presents its first products with Wi-Fi 7: the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro e il FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable. The future standard IEEE 802.11be, also known as Wi-Fi 7, offers incredible advantages in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands and also covers the new 6 GHz frequency. Thanks to the 320 GHz bandwidth, the at 6 GHz allows for very high data transmission and can be used exclusively for Wi-Fi without radar interference.

Greater Wi-Fi range thanks to FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX with Wi-Fi 6

The new FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX it is perfect when the walls are too thick and the distances in the house are too great. It is optimized for Mesh networking and transmits data over power lines at speeds of up to 1200 Mbit/s and over Wi-Fi 6 at up to 600 Mbit/s.

Thanks to FRITZ!OS e al Mesh Wi-Fi, the FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX is integrated into the home network at the push of a button and creates a seamless Wi-Fi network with other FRITZ! products. Using HomePlug AV-compliant powerline technology and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6, your home network can reach even rooms where users have never had wireless access before. It will also be possible to use the internet in the basement or in the garden, enjoying all the advantages of the FRITZ! network.

FRITZ!DECT 350 – the new device for windows and doors

AVM presents a new magnetic sensor for doors and windows: FRITZ!DECT 350 instantly detects when doors or windows are opened, closed or tilted. Less energy waste with DECT ULE sensor and smart controls FRITZ!DECT 302 e 301. It’s really simple to set up scenarios like “If window open then turn down heat”.

All devices FRITZ! Smart Home e i dispositivi Zigbee compatible can be controlled via the FRITZ!DECT 350, allowing users to configure many more scenarios and routines. For added security, the sensor status can be checked via the FRITZ! app. Smart Home, FRITZ!Fon and FRITZ!OS. The FRITZ!DECT 350 can be mounted using the adhesive strip included in the package so that it is hidden directly between the sash and the frame of Eurofold type windows.


The new MyFRITZ!App Configuration wizard (for Android, iOS) allows you to start operating a new FRITZ!Box quickly and intuitively via smartphone. During the first setup, the app guides you step-by-step through the installation. The app also provides useful advice on Wi-Fi guest access, parental controls, call blocks and much more.

Also, there is a new feature with FRITZ!OS 7.56: the wizard for switching to a new FRITZ!Box. All important settings (for Internet, telephony and Wi-Fi) are prepared, and all devices connected to the previous FRITZ!Box (such as FRITZ!Repeater, FRITZ!Powerline and FRITZ!DECT) are automatically registered with the new FRITZ!Box, together with your home network devices. The MyFRITZ! configured for the old FRITZ!Box is transferred so that you can continue to use the configured VPN connections.

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