The future of Capcom video games

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Il Tokyo Game Show 2022 it was a thrilling event for players and fans of Capcom from around the world, with several announcements related to the most anticipated titles of the renowned publisher, including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Exoprimal e Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

Capcom reveals new information on Resident Evil

During the event they were shown new footage of the long-awaited DLCarriving on October 28, 2022 on PC and console. The videos show us the new animations of Ethan Winters from the much requested “Third person mode”. The video also delved into the twisted realm within the mind of the Megamyceteproviding a fresh look at the terrors featured in “Shadows of Rose”.

In this new story set 16 years after the main game, Rose Winters seeks a cure for her powers. However, she must use them to survive her encounters with her Face Eaters. These abilities allow Rose to stun her monstrous pursuers long enough to evade them or target their weak spots.

Resident Evil Village is also coming to new platforms and to Macs in the course of 2022. The title is also expected on Nintendo Switchjust the October 28. Finally, Capcom has announced something that may be of particular interest to fans of Resident Evil 4 Remake: the title is officially under development for PlayStation 4.

Street Fighter 6 unveils the way of the Warrior

Capcom has announced the arrival of important updates for the World Tour and Battle Hub, including:

  • World Tour: Players will be able to create their own avatars thanks to the brand new customization options.
  • Battle Hub: Players can bring their custom avatars into the Battle Hub, which acts as a lobby area to find matches against other players from around the world, including online tournaments.

The return of four fighters:

  • Ken – Some allegations forced Ken, a former US National Combat Champion and former VP of the Masters Foundation, to abandon his family and business to go into hiding. Now a legend of the Street Fighter series, Ken combines a set of classic moves with new additions that keep his style very fresh.
  • white – Kind tour guide and nature champion, Blanka’s move set features the Electric Thunder and Rolling Attacks, as well as brand new Blanka-chan Bomb and the return of his Lightning Beast move.
  • Dhalsim – A monk and yoga master, Dhalsim channels his familiar fire techniques from past games while also mastering moves like Yoga Fire, Yoga Arch, Yoga Comet, and Yoga Flame.
  • E. Honda – A globetrotting sumo wrestler, E. Honda combines old and new, through his moves Hundred Hand Slap and Sumo Headbutt, plus the all-new Sumo Dash.

Plus the new one Extreme Battle mode will offer players a new way to revive games with unconventional parametersthe. These quick battles are defined by new rules ed gimmicks that make every game a unique experience for anyone. The rules define the victory condition for gamers, while gimmicks add a new one fun level.

Finally, Capcom announced the arrival of a Closed Beta Test which will take place from 7 to 10 October 2022 su PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S e Steam con cross-play support.

New threats in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak title 2 update

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak showed players what they will face at theElgado Outpost e the new tools available to hunters when theTitle update 2 will arrive on September 29th.

The return of flaming thorns from Monster Hunter Frontier sets the stage for the reveal of another fiery beast: Violet Mizutsune. The alluring bubbles of this creature are actually filled with a highly combustible gas that can turn any graceful movement into a hell of incandescent flames. Finally, a Elder Dragon able to overcome affliction. The Risen Chameleos risen instead managed to achieve symbiosis with the Qurio and through this diabolical union he has acquired incredible power and even more subtle attacks. Will you be able to face these creatures?

Capcom also revealed a new level of Anomaly Questwhich will include challenging goals such as That Coal ed thorns. The Anomaly Investigation instead they are expanded, with a max level of 120 increased and new materials.

Finally, new event missions will arrive each week waiting for the new one update 3expected at the end of November.

Spacetime Distortions Unveil New Story of Exoprimal, Dinosaurs and Exosuit Revealed

Exoprimal summoned a swarm of updates from a mysterious vortex in the sky, including an exciting new story and details on the next team-based action game.

The trailer shown during TGS 2022 introduced two new dinosaurs: the dilofosauro poison spitter and the carnotaurus, a huge beast that rushes headlong into melee with its brutal horns. Players will have the opportunity to take on these creatures with a range of state-of-the-art combat armor.

The advanced arsenal includes a couple of Exosuit just unveiled. Skywave it is a type of support that can fly, heal allies, and obstruct the vision and movement of its opponents. Meanwhile, the model of Tank inspired by samurai Murasame he can defend himself from assaults from all sides, before unleashing powerful counterattacks with his katana, Kiri-Ichimonji.

Players can too customize their suits with a vast number of weapon and suit skins, decals, charms and more. Exoprimal is coming in 2023 per PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Steam.

Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and many other news from Capcom

Warning: new information on the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. A dubbed 3D version of Mega Man.EXE will be yours Navi in the title selection screen and will behave similarly to the PET Screen of the series. Finally, the director Masakazu Eguchi announced that online features, including online battle and chip trading for each title in the series, are under development. For more information about the Capcom titles you can consult the official site.