TikTok Now is very popular outside the United States

TikTok Now, così il social diventa il clone di BeReal thumbnail

TikTok Now, the BeReal clone App, is also enjoying success outside the United States, where it was announced last week. According to the analysis firm Sensor Tower, the application ranks among the prime 10 App social in 39 countries, and among the top 100 apps in 24 countries. In short, a fairly acclaimed success. Although it’s unclear if it’s more due to BeReal’s feature or TikTok’s appeal.

TikTok Now is a huge hit outside the US

Incredible success for TikTok Now, the Chinese social function that resumes the functioning of BeReal. The new TikTok function, in fact, notifies users once a day, asking them to take a photo or video to share with friends within a certain period of time. Exactly as it happens on BeReal, even if the Chinese App has also added a function 10 second videoso as to be able to stand out from the competitor.

Currently, the “Now” option is displayed to users outside the United States next to the “For You” section. But TikTok has already stated that this feature could become a standalone App even in countries outside the US in the coming months. For the moment, in fact, the BeReal clone option is being tested, or almost. But it should be noted that soon the Chinese social network will find itself competing with many clones of the anti-social social network: Instagram and Snapchat, in fact, have already copied some of the most characteristic functions of BeReal. And it is not certain that in the future they do not want to release something that is even more similar to the French social network. Therefore, TikTok Now would do well to enjoy this success, which came in the wake of that of BeReal, it is evident.

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