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The future of Super Mario will not be on mobile devices

Just in the week in which Nintendo beats cash for the release of the film Super Mariocomes the news that the mobile gaming experience of the most famous plumber in the gaming world could end here.

To report it is Shigeru Miyamoto (via Variety). The legendary Nintendo game designer has confirmed that the Mario franchise isn’t over, but that we’re unlikely to see any more titles for smartphones.

After three games, the Super Mario mobile experiment ends here

Nintendo had released three games in the franchise for iOS. The first two were very well received, achieving good sales success. The third, however, was decidedly more disappointing. In particular Super Mario Run, in 2016, grossed over $60 million in just one year. Its 2019 sequel, Mario Kart Tour, has reached a whopping 300 million dollars. It was also released the same year Dr. Mario Worldremoved in 2021 after decidedly disappointing results.

“Nintendo’s main goal is to provide a gaming experience that integrates hardware and software,” Miyamoto explained. In other words, the company from the big N wants to concentrate its efforts on games for its consoles, adapting the titles to their specifications (think of the potential of Wii). Mobile games, by contrast, need to fit generic, non-proprietary devices.

During the interview with Variety, Miyamoto was also asked for some anticipation on the next games in the Super Mario franchise which, at this point, will not see the light on mobile. Miyamoto was very evasive, but said: “all I can tell you is not to miss the next Nintendo Direct”.

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