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Dead Island 2 achievements leak, platinum trophy requires co-op

When you say “we are the champions”, because “there is no ‘i’ of ‘I’ in the team”: the Dead Island 2 platinum trophy is taken as a team

It seemed like yesterday, yet after so many sighs from the fans Dead Island 2 is a tangible reality: two weeks from the apparently unattainable day one, we know what the prerequisites are for the coveted platinum trophy. The game promises to be more linear, but the lack of an open world level design does not mean that the completionists will make it on their own. According to the trophy leaks for the PlayStation version, we now know that co-op is required for game completion. Well yes: unless the title receives a port for the only console left without achievements, 100% on the save file is just a number.

War Trophies (to zombies): Dead Island 2 platinum trophy, two as the number of players

Platinum considerations aside, the trophy”Slayer Squad” of Dead Island 2 requires to complete five quests in co-op. Keeping him company is “I Am the Resurrection”, for which we will have to give care to other survivors (or rather, put them back again) per five times. Neither seems particularly challenging, so we can assume we can sleep between two pillows. The leaked list also provides a small appetizer of the contents, so consider this ours spoiler alert. We can anticipate that, according to “LA Influential”, there are at least forty side quests.

At the same time, “Zombologist” confirms that we will have to complete a bestiary, specifically the Zompedia which catalogs every type of undead. We can also expect weapon challenges, floor plan challenges and zombie-themed challenges, while quests will require us to find weapons lost by their owners and people who have vanished into thin air. Finally, they await us thirty skill cards e twenty diarieswith a cap at the attainable level set at 30. We were talking about twenty hours to finish the game, and now the number seems more reliable. The game will be released on April 21st per Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 e PC.

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