The Game Awards 2021: record numbers for connected spectators

The number of spectators connected to the 2021 edition of the Game Awards is a record: we are talking about a sum including no less than eight figures

Geoff Keighley’s energetic charge in celebrating the Game Awards wanted by himself so much should no longer surprise anyone, but the popularity of the ceremony has reached vette da record With the’2021 edition. Those of last year have already reached a considerable figure, or eighty-three millions of viewers. However, the videogame red carpet has surpassed itself this year by bringing the bar to altitude eighty-five. The even more surprising thing is that this record also brings with it others, as we will see in the tweet of the creator and star behind the most loved event of December for gamers.

The Game Awards 2021, an authentic record show

The first of the “other” records recorded by the 2021 Game Awards concerns the impressive number of tweets around the show. In fact, we speak of no less than one million and six hundred thousand posts about the ceremony. The “televotingInstead involved twenty-three million and two hundred thousand spectators. Finally, the ore (small, for us Europeans) cumulative material seen on YouTube are equal to one million and seven hundred and fifty thousand, the highest peak ever reached so far. The steady growth observed by the event is simply extraordinary, and with what awaits us in 2022 it will only increase.

This month we’ve already seen a full reveal for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Elden Ring, Steelrising, Saints Row and Homeworld 3, as well as notable announcements like Alan Wake 2. Rumor stars like Bully 2 were supposed to make an appearance, but that it did not happen. We can only wait to see if rumors will make a comeback in the 2022 Game Awards. Fingers crossed for an even better year (or, based on the cynicism with which you can see it, just better), then!

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