The Game Awards: will there be Hellblade 2?

The Game Awards: ci sarà Hellblade 2? thumbnail

During the past few hours, a new rumor has emerged, according to which Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 should show itself on the occasion of the The Game Awards which will take place next week. In addition to the new Ninja Theory game, some point the finger at an announcement by BioShock Isolation, the alleged new chapter in the series, but at the moment it seems an unlikely eventuality.

The Game Awards: vedremo Hellblade 2?

The development of Hellblade 2 has been going on for a couple of years now and the game had already shown itself a few months ago in an impressive trailer in engine. Of course there is no official confirmation that the game will be shown again at the next Game Awards, but the insider Jeff Grubb he seems to be pretty sure when he talked about it as part of his podcast.

Grubb explained that Hellblade 2 was most likely to have appeared at the Xbox Games Showcase, but was later postponed for unknown reasons. The game is expected to arrive on PC come on Xbox Series X|S in 2023, but still lacks a precise release date.

An appearance of Hellblade 2 seems plausible in any case, given that the title has completely disappeared from the scenes after the first trailer we told you about earlier. Much more uncertain is the presence of BioShock Isolation, in fact, a title that for the moment has only been the subject of rumors and leaks and that has not yet been officially announced.

As if that were not enough, a previous leak indicated the first months of 2022 as a possible announcement date of BioShock Isolation, which according to what has emerged so far should be an open world set in a completely new setting for the series. We remind you that The Game Awards will take place on December 10th at 02:00.