Battletoads: the physical version is back, but only in Japan

Battletoads was certainly one of the best “thumb-breakers” of the NES era, today perhaps a bit forgotten by most, but which is returning in physical version even if only in the lands of the Rising Sun

The Battletoads title was one of the gems of the 8-bit titles of that nostalgic console that was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that bore the signature of Rare, we will review them later with masterpieces such as Donkey Kong, Conker’s Bad Fur Day o Banjo – Kazooie, expertly mixing platforming, side scrolling action and lots and lots of difficulty. Today it is returning in physical edition, but unfortunately only in Japan!

Battletoads: the pearl remains in the treasure chest of the East

The first chapter of Battletoads, the debut of the adventures of the three anthropomorphic frogs Rash, Zitz e Pimple, is therefore returning in physical edition thanks to the work of Columbus Circle. A Japanese company specialized in retrogaming that has decided, hopefully for the moment, to re-release the version for Famicom of the game.

A game that, clearly taking inspiration from the mythical Ninja Turtles, made more than one controller pull out the window and a curse to the players of the time (such as Dark Souls in the present day), but there were also laughter and blows in abundance as demonstrated by the crossover with Double Dragon!

Today the intellectual property of the adventures starring the three peasant frogs belong to Microsoft, the company that bought Rare and guilty of some videogame crimes, so it is hoped that this title will be able to return in physical edition here in West. One of the last examples was the Rare Replay (unfortunately not free from significant absences) also because, of this trio of frogs, there was no trace in the games loaded on the NES mini.

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