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The game mechanics of Fractured Online

Dynamite Studios is happy to offer a behind-the-scenes look at game mechanics of its first truly dynamic open-world isometric MMORPG, Fractured Online. Let’s find out all the details together.

The game mechanics of Fractured Online

In Fractured Online, the world it’s not that absolute as you might think. Shades of gray bring a truly sandboxed MMORPG world to life single e complex. With all this uncertainty, characters can fall into three different categories: Good, Neutral e Male.

This item is registered by the Karma system of the gamewhich takes into account the actions of the player with the environment, other players, the gods they worship and much more. Each race and their home planet often dictate their unique relationship with theAlignment.

The Fractured Online karma system also prevents players aligned as good or neutral from taking hostile actions against other players of the same alignment. Wicked players on the other hand, as you can imagine, they have free rein to attack anything.

As for good or neutral players, these pthey can attack evil playersalso earning Karma points to do it. That said, evil players will often find themselves in high-risk situations, so they better be especially careful during their adventures.

Three unique planets

  • ArboreusLush forests and crystal clear lakes aren’t the only reason to visit Arboreus. The primeval crystals that can only be found there are a valuable resource for all races, and there are many unique abilities to collect.
  • Syndesia: Although this planet does not flow with primordial energy, it still exists as a planet where all characters can travel, allowing it to become the economic center of the Elysium System. Where you spend your time on this planet determines the kind of interactions you can expect. Player cities are safe from PvP, but protection can only be offered outside the city walls by sovereign guilds and alliances.
  • Tartaros: Babilis’ playground is all about fun and flames. These wastelands and helllands are a paradise for all hardcore MMO players who want to enjoy the competition to the fullest. PvP on Tartaros is strictly Free-For-All, apart from the Nests where the new Demons are born, and no punishment or limitation is imposed on the evil characters. A visit to this planet should be well planned.

For more information, you can consult the official post published by Dynamight Studios.

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