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iPhone SE: MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, all the news coming soon

A few hours before the event Peek Performance Of Applenew rumors arrive on iPhone SE 3: should have support for MagSafe, as well as a “significantly” longer range. It should also take advantage of technology Ceramic Shield.

iPhone SE will have MagSafe support, and more

According to the user yeux1122 on the Korean blog Naverthere are interesting news on the way for iPhone SE third generation. In fact, Apple today should present a device that has the design of the previous model, but with several new technologies inside.

In fact it looks like the new SE should have the supporto MagSafe, which allows wireless charging but also to take advantage of various magnetic accessories, such as card holders and much more. A premium feature that could help iPhone SE stand out even more from mid-range Android smartphones. The function should also accompany a device with un ‘autonomy much longera, thanks also to the more efficient A15 chip.

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Apple will also provide the technology Ceramic Shield, which allows you to protect the smartphone screen. By introducing nano ceramics into the glass, it should rebetter withstand falls. A feature that iPhones have since 2020 with iPhone 12.

It also looks like the new iPhone SE should have more RAM than the current model, coming up with 4GB instead of 3GB. Accompanied to chip A15, this should guarantee better performance than the current A13 Bionic on the iPhone SE 2, as well as greater autonomy. Finally, there is also support for the 5Ga technical specification that makes the smartphone more ‘futuristic’, together with the long support of iOS.

The new device should debut in a few hours, at 19 Italian today 8 March. So we may soon know if all this information is confirmed.

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