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The Giro d’Italia enters the NFT world

Just a few hours ago we gave you an account of a momentary crash in the NFT market. These are numbers and data that have been interpreted in the opposite way. For authoritative newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal it would already be the decline of a fashion. While on the opposite side is Forbes, according to which we are facing a settlement, and a maturation, of the NFT market.

Certainly, the feeling is that the universe of non-fungible tokens is still in full swing, even in our country. For example, we told you, in a very recent article, about how the NGO Humanity 2.0 is working to digitize a series of works of art physically located in the Vatican Museums. Which will become an NFT gallery that can be accessed through VR viewers.

And now even Italian sport, in one of its most loved and followed events, follows (it is appropriate to say) the same path: the Giro d’Italia has in fact entered the NFT world. Let’s find out how.

The Giro d’Italia in the NFT world

And so, from Friday 6 May the non-fungible tokens of the legendary Giro are available on ItaliaNFT, the first Italian marketplace dedicated to the sale of NFT Made in Italy.

The entry of the Giro d’Italia into the NFT universe will act as a trailblazer. The initiative, born from an agreement between ItaliaNFT and RCS Sport, will be the first of a series of events in which non-fungible tokens will be combined with the highest local sports competitions.

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What can you buy

The list of collectible NFTs will grow during the Giro d’Italia, stage by stage.

The four Giro jerseys (pink, white, light blue and cyclamen), logos, special jerseys and – in an exclusive final auction – the Endless Trophy will be available for purchase.

How the NFTs of the Giro d’Italia were produced

The Giro d’Italia enters the NFT world and does it in style. For the creation of unique digital collectible objects (this, after all, are the NFTs), the ItaliaNFT Lab worked on the smallest details, using advanced scanning and computer graphics techniques to replicate everything and to produce digital copies as much as possible. faithful to the originals. And at the same time to ensure a visual experience enhanced by digital animations.

The textures of the shirts have been recreated with great fidelity, and the same utmost care has been put into the digital version of the Endless Trophy. Which, virtualized in 3D, enhances the design of the cup.

The words of the founders of ItaliaNFT

Achille Minerva and Marco Capria, the two founders of ItaliaNFT, explain that “The Giro d’Italia is not only one of the most important road cycling races in the world but also an authentic Italian excellence in the world., a unique and unmissable event that had the merit of unifying the country and weaving the territory with its highest values: passion, sacrifice, respect, history and tradition, modernity and innovation, fun and social responsibility. All values ​​that reflect an important part of our mission.

The NFTs we created in collaboration with the Giro d’Italia represent the best way to create culture around the world of crypto-art and, more generally, on the combination of Made In Italy creations and the new digital ecosystem based on the Blockchain. We will follow the race in all its stages, on the street and online, to tell fans what NFTs are, how they are made and what kind of opportunities they offer to those who buy them. We are only at the beginning of a real revolution that will have a profound impact not only on collectors but on all those who want to purchase goods and services with a valuable but also reliable and safe digital experience “.


ItaliaNFT is the first marketplace that spreads Made in Italy through non-fungible tokens. Launched at the end of 2021, the platform has already hosted some great names of the national art scene, including Lodola, Vedovamazzei, MYFO).

In the coming months it will create new NFT collections to enhance the masterpieces of culture, cinema, literature, music, sport and production on the Italian territory.

The Giro d’Italia

Finally, at least two words about the Giro d’Italia, now in its one hundred and five edition.

The first stage started on Friday 6 May from Budapest, and we will stay in Hungary until Sunday the 8th. After a day of rest we will restart on Tuesday 10 May, with the first Italian stage, whose departure will be in Avola in Sicily. And after a total of twenty-one stages and 3,445 kilometers traveled, the Giro will end on Sunday 29 May in Verona.

Happy Giro d’Italia to all, and good Giro d’Italia in NFT to collectors and true enthusiasts.

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