TikTok is an edu-tech reference: the point on the latest trends

TikTok è un riferimento dell'edu-tech: il punto di Mambo sui principali trend thumbnail

L’Edutech Observatory of Mambothe first Content Creator community in Italy, born within the OneDay Group, photographs the growth of TikTok as an edutech platform. According to the data collected hashtag education #LearnOnTikTok ed #EduTok they have generated more than 300 billion views. It should also be noted that through #TikTokClass teachers can transfer part of the lessons to the platform. For users there are more and more opportunities to inform themselves and discover new trends.

TikTok is increasingly an edu-tech platform: the point of the Mambo Observatory

The investigation of Mambo he identified 5 top trend edu-tech on TikTok. The first is #BookTok which has 45 billion views and has given new life to the publishing industry. According to the British publishing house Bloomsbury, profits from book sales increased by + 220%. Then there is #LanguageLearning che records 1.1 billion views. Also worth mentioning #SexHealth, #HeatlhTok and the recent #BreakingNews which record tens of millions of views. These trends push the use of the platform making TikTok more and more a point of reference for edu-tech.

The comment

Tommaso Ricci, Managing Director at Mambo, underlines: “TikTok is less and less a social network and more and more a platform of content, entertainment and education. And this evolution corresponds to a programmatic intent of the company, which in 2020 invested 50 million dollars with the Creative Learning Fund to support creators engaged in the production of educational content, to provide resources for students and, even, to introduce teachers at the platform “.

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