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The gold-plated Wii made for Queen Elizabeth is up for sale

Commissioned by THQ in 2009 to promote Big Family Games, the 24-karat gold-plated edition of the Nintendo Wii console was sent to Queen Elizabeth as a gift. However Buckingham Palace promptly returned the package to the sender due to the Royal Palace’s strict security rules. Today the console is on sale at a staggering price.

How much is the golden Nintendo Wii given to Queen Elizabeth?

Sure it’s nice to imagine the queen in the living room sipping Bloody Mary between games on the Wii. But beyond these priceless fantasies, how much does this unique version of the Nintendo console actually cost? THQ initially decided to keep the Golden Wii in stock after Buckingham Palace’s refusal. However, the company’s bankruptcy in 2013 resulted in the sale of all properties, including the precious console, which went to a private buyer.

There was no mention of the console until last year, when collector Donny Fillerup put it up for auction on eBay with a starting price of £ 243,000 (about € 283,000). The collector claimed to have bought it in 2017, but did not disclose how much he paid for it. Meanwhile, the price has risen to £ 810,000 (approximately € 945,530), before being withdrawn from the market again.

Today’s news is a new announcement from auction site Goldin, which has re-auctioned the Golden Wii with a starting price of £ 1215 (approx € 1400) which has risen to £ 1600 (€ 1868). The auction will end on May 22nd.

In the meantime, we, to the Queen who wants to try her hand at the new Nintendo Switch Sports, recommend the use of wrist straps, since there are many users who have already destroyed their televisions.

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