The Good Attitude, the manifesto of “good doing”

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Micaela Raimondi e Federica Digiorgio they are happy to present The Good Attitude, the multi-content platform of training, discussion and collaboration on the practices of “Good doing”. The purpose of the platform is to support a movement of change, welcoming without prejudice all those who wish to start a new normality. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Good Attitude, the training, discussion and collaboration platform

Federica Digiorgio

According to Gallup 2021 Global Emotions Report, 2020 set a record for negative emotions. In fact, many more people have revealed that they feel stressed, sad, angry and worried. Some may think that the pandemic is to blame: however, a deeper analysis reveals that this trend actually started almost 10 years ago.

The project The Good Attitude has its roots in a simple intuition, that is to change approach in just act determines a change in the ecosystem and consequently a direct impact on well-being, that is to feel a at ease within a context.

Micaela Raimondi and Federica Digiorgio, both marketing and communication experts, have decided to make this dream come true. To do this, they created their own multi-content platform of training, discussion and collaboration on the practices of “good doing”. The Good Attitude platform is born today.

The levers are the soft skills, that set of skills and personal attitudes that make a person’s skills distinctive elements in life and in the world of work. In addition to know-how, the founders of the platform approach the theme of good do.

Their goal is to highlight and offer examples of how develop relational components in the best possible way that have effects of propagation of well-being in themselves, in the team, in the organization. The assumption is that develop awareness of one’s role, adopt positive communication practices and promote effective collaboration processes have an impact on personal and professional reality.

The Good Attitude is also a training program aimed at companies, professionals and anyone who wishes change the status quo. Through this platform and the project, the foundations of a new form of approach to work, where the personal potential is expressed to the maximum, with manager of the future able to undertake development paths for themselves and their collaborators.

6 simple but powerful paradigms

manifesto-the-good-attitude-tech-princessThe manifesto of The Good Attitude

The manifesto of The Good Attitude highlights 6 simple paradigms. Each of them guides the ideal of change that contributes to the application of The Good Attitude. We report them below.

  • Practice kindness every day;
  • Be respectful and punctual;
  • Act individually;
  • Think collectively;
  • Create value;
  • Be brave but not crazy.

Micaela Raimondi, the co-founder of The Good Attitude, revealed:

I strongly believe that change happens when we start to change. In my career, I have observed how the main reason for dissatisfaction, frustration and failure often depends on wrong attitudes and predispositions “to do” that do not allow us to satisfy our needs. So I decided to change my perspective. To do this, I started working on the ability to recognize and identify appropriately and to manage my emotions and those of others in order to achieve certain goals. This change has generated a concrete impact on the level of my “well-being”. For this reason I decided to take the field by creating The Good Attitude platform where to transfer and share what I have learned with those who want to support change and improve their attitude.

Federica Digiorgio concluded by stating:

The need to transform an experience into a program of content and actions has matured above all over the last year. A concrete response took over the initial disorientation: getting back into circulation, with all the resources available and leveraging on one’s more human component, even before professional. Hence the study, the practice, the natural desire for sharing that has turned into a multi-faceted project.

For more information on the platform, you can consult the official site.

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