Turtle Beach’s Recon Xbox Controller Review

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For a gamer, the tools of the trade can make the difference between a good gaming session and a waste of time. In an effort to find the best tools out there, we got our hands on Turtle Beach’s new Recon controller. This is a wired controller specifically designed to work best on Xbox, including the new Xbox X Series and S Series, and PC. In these years of activity, Turtle Beach has accustomed us to devices of excellent quality and performance at affordable prices. Let’s find out, in this review, if the Turtle Beach Recon controller also holds high standards

Our Turtle Beach Recon Controller Review


The controller comes with an attractive design typical of Turtle Beach products. There are two versions, black and white, we had the second in our hands. In this version, white, gray and black are the masters, giving the controller a unique and refined style. In size and weight, it maintains the standards of the classic Xbox controller while distinguishing itself by other features. One of these is the refrigerated rubber area that we find on the joystick which, in addition to favoring a better grip, guarantees better comfort even in the most extended gaming sessions allowing better temperature control. The grip is also improved with regard to the triggers characterized by a knurled plastic that allows a better grip in the delicate actions involving these keys

On the back of the controller we find two mappable keys. Remember, it’s not about extra keys, it’s about two programmable buttons that can make your gameplay much faster. On the front of the controller we find all the classic Xbox buttons including the share button and the console power button. Immediately above these, we find the most interesting feature of this Recon controller: an entire area dedicated to in-game audio, button programming, microphone and more. The controller is in fact equipped with a 3.5mm Jack input that uses all the Turtle Beach technology as regards the reproduction and recording of sounds (we will talk about this later in the review).

Included in the package, in addition to the instruction manual and a Turtle Beach sticker, we also find a 3.5 m long USB cable with Type C input to connect to the console or PC.


One of the strengths of this controller is its support for Turtle Beach audio technology. The Recon is in fact able to use the Superhuman Hearing sound settings, a particular technology developed by the company that allows you to hear the most imperceptible sounds in game. Sounds and noises are in fact extremely important for the success of a match, especially when it comes to competitive video games. Thanks to Superhuman Hearing you will in fact be able to hear the footsteps of the enemies or the reloading of weapons to get the better of the opponents. This setting, like the game volume, the microphone volume and the audio equalizer, can be activated directly in the appropriate area of ​​the Joystick.

To this is also added the Focus Pro-Aim Mode, which can also be selected from the area set up on the Joystick. This mode reduces the sensitivity of the right Joystick, the one used to aim. This promotes better long-range accuracy thanks to four sensitivity levels that can be selected with a single click. A huge advantage even for those who play FPS on consoles.

Our field test of the Recon Turtle Beach controller

We had the opportunity to test the Turtle Beach Recon controller for Xbox for about three weeks, during which time we used it in our Xbox S series. We used the controller to play video games of adventure, FPS, action and so on. In every genre and regardless of the length of our session, the controller proved to be the efficient tool we were looking for. Leaving aside, at least for the moment, the design that still remains attractive and original, we will focus on the performance at stake.

Superhuman Hearing technology really makes a difference and we strongly recommend using this controller only after plugging in your favorite headphones. The sound quality is excellent and will provide you with 360 ° audio, to be able to predict the movements of the enemy and act accordingly. Audio settings, button mapping and much more are done on the designated area of ​​the Joystick. At first glance it seems a useless and almost bulky area but after a few minutes of use, we were able to fully understand its usefulness, aimed at improving our gaming experience on all fronts.

We were not very convinced by the general feeling that the controller gives in the hands. Although we are dealing with a well-made device, its lightness (just under 300 grams) has us a little banned. Thanks to our big hands, the feeling of the grip was not the most solid. It must be said that we are used to deliberately heavier controllers to have a better grip feel. The Turtle Beach Recon wants to be lighter and it succeeds, proving ideal for all those people who do not want to tire their hands too much during gaming sessions. In terms of grip, the rubberized part of the joystick and the rough part of the triggers perform their function very well.

Turtle Beach’s Recon controller review in a nutshell

This intriguing controller manages to perform all the required functions in the best possible way. The technology inside ensures that performance is always at the top, both with regard to the game and the audio, an extremely important element for a deeper immersion and a better perception of the environment and enemies. To give greater value to all this, the more than competitive price takes care of it.

In short, the meme of third-party controllers with flashlight-firing lights and impractical keys is now an old memory.

Prices and availability

The controller wired for Xbox Recon by Turtle Beach is available on the official website and on Amazon at a price of 59.99€.

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