The Google and Apple stores have more than a million abandoned apps

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Ithe problem of abandoned apps is becoming increasingly relevant for Google and Apple stores. The number of applications that have not been updated for two years and which, therefore, have obtained the title of “abandoned apps” has increased reaching very high values. Here are all the details:

Apps abandoned in Google and Apple stores are increasing

The Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore can count on millions of applications to be made available to users. However, a significant percentage of these applications are completely abandoned as they have not been updated for over two years. Overall, in fact, there are 1.5 million abandoned apps. This is a very high number which confirms how many developers are led to publish an app and then forget to update it over time.

The numbers of the phenomenon

According to one recent reloada, in fact, the phenomenon of abandoned apps is anything but secondary. On the Google Play Store there are, in fact, 869 thousand apps not updated for over two years. Sullo Apple storeinstead, there would be 650 thousand app not updated. Note that Apple recently announced plans to delete outdated apps from its store. A similar measure could also be adopted by Google. According to the data that emerged from the survey, 33% of applications have not been updated for at least two years while 11% have not been updated for at least four years.

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