Announced the release date of the new expansion of Age of Empires III

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With an announcement that took place a few minutes ago on the official social channels, Age of Empires III Definitive Edition announced the imminent release of a new expansion. The name already seems to bode well: Knights of the Mediterranean, which could be translated as Knights of the Mediterranean, and will be officially released on 26 maggio. However, it is possible to pre-order it immediately on the official website.

What can we expect from the new expansion of Age of Empires III Definitive Edition

The post on social media arrives accompanied by a short video teaser of about 46 seconds, which shows us little, just enough to make the hype skyrocket. This informs us that Knights of the Mediterranean will introduce two new civilizations: the Italians and the Maltese, with 8 new historical maps to explore. The video also talks about a new game mode: Tycoon Mode. However, no further details have been revealed on the matter. Below is the post in question.

The tweet reads: “Released on May 26, the latest expansion #AgeofEmpiresIIIDefinitiveEdition brings in-game a wide range of new content with the Knights of the Mediterranean: the Italian and Maltese civilizations, the brand new Tycoon game mode and the first set in absolute of historical maps! “. You can pre-order the expansion at this link.

In his review of Age of Empires III Definitive Edition, our Daniele wrote: “This Definitive Edition represents an opportunity for fans of the series to pick up the game again, relive old and new campaigns and embark on new adventures with new ones. missions and a revised multiplayer. For those who have never played this series (Shame!) This is the right opportunity to do it in the best possible way “

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