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The Google Pixel Watch can now detect user falls

Il Google Pixel Watch, despite not having had a huge success (remember that it is not officially distributed in Italy, at least for the moment), represents an important step in the growth program of Google’s hardware division. The American house continues to support the smartwatch that it registers today an important novelty.

The Google Pixel Watch receives the function for the detection of falls

After the new firmware update, being released together with the March security patches, the Google Pixel Watch is now able to take advantage the fall detection function. This function uses the smartwatch sensors to understand if the user has been the victim of a bad fall with possible physical damage.

The smartwatch will also be able to call emergency services in case the user is able to move or respond to the message sent by the system on the screen. The Pixel Watch will monitor the user for a period of time of approximately 30 seconds after the fall, in order to better evaluate his state of health.

Google has confirmed that the system has been optimized to avoid false alarms and to maximize detection accuracy. In particular, the device will be able to distinguish between a sudden fall and a fall related to physical activity or sport. We’ll see if the new fall detection system will be really effective as anticipated by Google.

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