The Google Pixelbook will not be done: project has been canceled

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Il Google Pixelbook project has been canceled. Google’s laptop with Chrome OS will not arrive on the market, as had already emerged from some leaks in recent weeks. The American house has chosen to cancel the project, even coming to dissolve the development team.

The Google Pixelbook has been canceled

After a long and complicated development, the Google Pixelbook has been canceled. The project of the laptop with Chrome OS, much awaited by fans of the Google operating system, will not arrive on the market and the development team has been disbanded.

At the base of this choice, in addition to the development problems, there are also the cuts made by Google to ongoing projects which, according to estimates, would not have guaranteed substantial economic returns. The economic crisis also affects a giant like Google and it was the Google Pixelbook that paid the price.

The existence of the project as well as its cancellation have not been confirmed by Google which has reiterated that it does not want to provide details on future projects. Note that Google will focus on other market segments. Coming up there would be a new android tablet in addition to Pixel Watch. Further updates on Google’s new hardware will arrive shortly.