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Nilox presents e-bikes, scooters and water scooters at the IFA in Berlin

Another “Made in Italy” brand that we had the pleasure of meeting at IFA 2022 in Berlin was Nilox. Today the company is a leader in the field of mobility and outdoor technology.

Today Nilox is synonymous with movement, technology and sustainable choices. All this is accompanied by the captivating design of the products and the collaborations that further strengthen the positioning of the brand in the international market.

Nilox, founded in Italy in 2005, is today among the top five European technology distributors in Europe and number 1 in Italy and Spain. Thanks to constant investments in research and product marketing, Nilox is today one of the best known brands in the innovative sport & outdoor technology market.

The new one made its debut in Berlin S1 scooter, which redefines the technological standards applied to smart mobility. This scooter offers greater driving comfort and improved safety on the road.

The spotlights at Nilox also turned on e-bikes. At the IFA Nilox presented two models that satisfy two growing segments, entering the world of cargo and electric bikes for the youngest: the e-bike Cargo Light and the e-bike for children.

In addition to the aforementioned novelties, other products were presented again at the Nilox stand at the Berlin fair. We are talking about the much appreciated aqua scooter, National Geographic and Inter branded bikes, and also a collaboration with the NBA.

Nilox S1: the most innovative scooter of the brand

The world of e-mobility is constantly evolving and Nilox, with the S1 scooter, continues to be a protagonist. The company presented an innovative product for a superior driving experience. The new model always places driving safety and reliability at the center and is distinguished by both rear and front directional indicators.

Nilox S1Nilox S1

Precisely the introduction of turn indicators also in the front LED confirms Nilox’s ability to respond promptly to new regulatory needs and raise industry standards, similarly to what was done with the recent launch of universal directional arrows and already anticipated last year by M1 scooter, among the first in Italy to incorporate this element. In addition, the front / rear LED and the rear disc brake make S1 the ideal vehicle for moving around in city traffic in total tranquility.

Nilox S1Nilox S1

With the aim of ensuring maximum ease of use, the latest Nilox scooter features an integrated smart-display. Thanks to it it is possible to monitor all useful information (such as speed, battery level, selected gear). A novelty is also the Cruise Control which – in addition to the 3 standard speeds – allows you to travel at the desired speed. Equipped with a 350W motor, it guarantees 28km of maximum range at 20km / h on a 4 hour charge to add any destination with agility. Nilox S1 is also equipped with an innovative security system, the NFC tag, which mitigates the risk of theft: when switched on, the scooter will automatically go into standby and it will be possible to unlock it only by passing the NFC key (replicable on a smartphone) on the on button. / off.

Nilox S1 will be available at a recommended retail price of € 499.95.

The new Nilox Cargo Light e-bike: more kilos to carry, less effort and more kilometers to travel

The Nilox e-bike family expands and welcomes the Cargo Light, a first step of the brand towards bicycles for the transport of goods and people, widely spread in northern Europe. Designed for those who need more space for their personal effects and ideal for easily carrying shopping, Cargo Light is the Nilox e-bike equipped with two 25 kg luggage racks, one rear and one front, with elastic bands for the maximum stability while on the move.

Nilox E-bike Cargo LightThe new Nilox Cargo Light e-bike

The built-in 36 V 10 Ah lithium battery makes it similar to a muscle bike, but the 36 V 250 W Brushless High Speed ​​motor with torque sensor allows you to travel long distances with loads effortlessly. Versatile and practical, thanks to the 6-speed SHIMANO gearbox, with the Cargo Light Nilox e-bike it guarantees up to 60 km of travel at a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

Nilox E-bike Cargo Light

Performance and resistance emerge from the steel frame, capable of supporting up to 120 kg of weight, and from the 27.5 “x 1.5” wheels, while the safety that characterizes Nilox e-bike products is found here in the disc brakes and lights LEDs, both front and rear, which make the vehicle visible even at night. In addition, the intuitive LCD display makes it easy to monitor numerous information, including battery range, maximum speed, kilometers traveled, to have everything under control.

E-bike Cargo Light will be available at a recommended retail price of 1,699.95 euros.

E-bike kids by Nilox: for outdoor outings with the whole family

Thinking of expanding its offer also to the youngest, Nilox introduces its first children’s e-bike to meet the needs of parents and children: the new model allows you to explore the world and have fun in total safety.

Nilox E-bike KidsNilox E-bike Kids

A first approach to e-bikes, but without pedals, the new entry presented exclusively at IFA is designed for children aged 4 to 6 and ensures high stability on the road, thanks to the 16 ” tires and brakes rear disc. With the Nilox e-bike kids, little riders can enjoy six speed modes and safely enjoy the freedom that only a two-wheeled vehicle can offer.

Nilox E-bike KidsE-bike Kids di Nilox

The light but durable steel frame protects against vibrations and makes the e-bike comfortable and reliable, while the 250 W motor and 25.2 V 4 Ah lithium battery (rechargeable in 4 hours) enable a 3 hour autonomy and make of this new model the ideal companion for the little ones in their first outdoor adventures.

E-bike kids will be available at a recommended retail price of 499,95 euro.

Nilox presents Acqua Scooter
for a summer of innovation and fun

Acqua Scooter is designed to spend days on the beach in the name of innovation and fun.

Lightness and ease of transport make it the ideal travel companion and the best ally to dominate the sea. In fact, thanks to its low weight of 3.5 kg it can also be carried on the plane as hand luggage *.

Nilox Water ScooterNilox Water Scooter

Equipped with a 3-speed gearbox, it can be used up to a maximum depth of 30 meters and, thanks to the removable 25.9V / 5Ah lithium-ion battery, allows up to 35 minutes of use. Furthermore, it is possible fix an action cam in the appropriate interface to record your adventures and never miss a moment of fun.

With the Nilox Water Scooter, the company thus expands its already rich product portfolio, confirming its focus on the development of cutting-edge products with distinctive technical characteristics, to redefine the boundaries of outdoor technology.

The Nilox Aqua Scooter is available at a recommended retail price of 399,95 € available online at and at large electronics chains and major e-tailers and retailers.

Nilox and the National Geographic gamma

Three e-bike models, a scooter and a line of accessories for true explorers, urban and non-urban, will be the protagonists of a Digital Out of Home campaign

Nilox e-bikde National GeographicNilox e-bikde National Geographic

Nilox joins National Geographic in a project dedicated to sustainable mobility: a line of unique products, which combine Nilox technology and design with the National Geographic universe.

The collaboration between the two brands stems from the sharing of some values, such as the pleasure of discovering alternative routes and attention to sustainability, which has resulted in the creation of electric bikes, e-scooters and accessories designed for those who love to explore urban routes but also immerse yourself in nature.

Nilox e-bikde National GeographicNilox e-bikde National Geographic

Nilox National Geographic products will be the subject of a Digital Out of Home campaign that will see them as protagonists in total domination for a week in the prestigious Porta Nuova circuit in Milan, with the aim of communicating within the context of belonging of urban and non-urban explorers.

In addition to a bag to attach to the bicycle and a helmet, the range includes three e-bike models and a scooter: Nilox J3 National Geographic, the fat bike with 20 ”tires to travel any road with maximum stability; Nilox J5 National Geographic, the city bike that combines ease of riding, style and functionality; Nilox X6 National Geographic, the electric mountain bike for the most sporty minds; and for those who want a lighter vehicle, DOC TEN National Geographic, the electric scooter with 10 ” wheel.

Nilox e-bikde National GeographicNilox e-bikde National Geographic

The Nilox line created in collaboration with National Geographic can be purchased directly on the website, as well as at consumer electronics retailers and major e-commerce sites.

Nilox announces the new line of NBA signed products

After the signing of the agreement with the National Basketball Association (NBA), Nilox offers the new line of NBA branded products for basketball fans. In fact, an electric scooter, an action cam and an accessory kit including mousepad and power band are included for the most sporty users.

image 17

“With the new range of NBA branded products, Nilox enters the …

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