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The greatest revolutions that have determined the technological innovation of games and video games

Let’s find out which are the biggest revolutions that have determined the technological innovation of games and video games

Technological innovation goes hand in hand with the revolutions of videogames and online games, presenting itself as a prequel to virtual reality but above all a long anticipation of the Metaverse, the latest significant technological evolution that is about to enter the daily reality of all human beings.

From the construction of the first analog video games to the most innovative graphics, each technological step forward represented a leap into the future and a wide-ranging technological revolution for every human activity. Here are the greatest revolutions that have determined the technological innovation of games and video games.

Home consoles: from Atari to Nintendo, from Playstation to Wii

It was 1972 when the first Atari console was created with Pong, a game inspired by Tennis for Two of 1952. In the 80s Nintendo, Sega, Commodore 64 and 128, Amiga and even portable videogames arrived to spoil the party but this represented a further innovation of the technological process. From the Playstation to the Wii through the X Box and all the other consoles of recent years, the gaming experience has presented continuous improvements in parallel with the graphics with an increasingly realistic design and attention to detail.

I casino online

One click is enough to play online blackjack and this certainly represents one of the most significant technological revolutions of the last 20 years. In fact, since the beginning of the third millennium online casinos are depopulating all over the world because, not only do they allow you to experience the same sensations as a traditional casino but also allow you to play live, live with a real dealer.

Minecraft e gli Open World Sand Box

Also referred to as God Game, the Open World Sand Box videogames have achieved considerable success because they put in front of the players’ screens the simulation of a real world with all the actions and their consequences of the beings that populate it. Minecraft is not only the undisputed king of this category but it is also the best-selling video game of all time with 238 million copies.

Sports betting sites and virtual sports

Since the 1998 French World Championship it is possible to bet on a single sports competition. This was an important technological revolution for sports betting sites such as Betfair, which today also provide lots of news on the most followed sports and leagues, as well as constantly updated statistics and the possibility (for users) to follow all the races and matches live. present in the schedule.

Arcades and arcades

It all started with Spacewar! which was the first videogames distributed on a large scale, it was in 1962 and Man was preparing to set foot in space but the first Arcade arrived in 1971 and it is Galaxy Game. The Arcade revolutionized video game technology forever and in the following years with the arrival of Pac Man in 1977 and Super Mario Bros in 1985, the gaming phenomenon exploded.