The Grinch: Jim Carrey will not return in the rumored sequel

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Despite what was reported by newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Jim Carrey will not return to play the Grinch in a sequel

With Christmas just around the corner, we are wondering about the future of the great classics which, by theme or affection, are associated with this time of year. This is the case of The Grinch, a 2000 film directed by Ron Howard starring a phenomenal Jim Carrey. The fantasy comedy, taken from the novel by Dr. Seuss dated 1957could have a sequel and the possibility of seeing the iconic Canadian actor return to the set has been raised.

However, a spokesperson for the Hollywood star, interviewed by People magazine, dispelled all doubts. Despite the rumors that have circulated recently, which even the Daily Mail has supported, there is no good news for fans of the most grumpy Christmas creature in cinema. It has been categorically stated that there is no truth to Jim Carrey reprising his role as the Grinch in a sequel to The Grinch.

The Grinch: Jim Carrey will not return in the rumored sequel

The Grinch: there is no possibility of seeing Jim Carrey in the sequel

An epilogue consistent with the anything but generous nature of the green protagonist. Jim Carrey thus breaks the hearts of all those who hoped to see him again in one of his iconic transformations at the time of filming, she required 4 hours of make-up a day, which was not surprisingly rewarded with an Oscar.

The Grinch was a huge success in 2000, grossing over $345 million at the international box office. The cast, in addition to Carrey, boasted the presence of Christine Baranski, Taylor Momsen, Mindy Sterling e del Premio Oscar Anthony Hopkins as a narrator. The sparkling magic and ironic lightness of the story have transformed the film into the perfect and unconventional Christmas tale, loved by adults and children alike. It is understandable, therefore, that a significant portion of the public wants a sequel. Universal Pictures might even have given in, but not without Jim Carrey’s approval. Furthermore, since 2016 the actor began to reduce his commitments on set and then announced his intention to retire from the scene in 2022.

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