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The growing popularity of online casinos among Italian players

Online casinos are the flagship of gambling. More and more players prefer virtual gambling to physical gambling. Let’s find out the details of this phenomenon

Online platforms manage to attract many players to their ranks, especially Italians. A great competition has therefore been created on our servers. More and more virtual bookies have entered the beautiful country thanks to an ever-growing demand. The Italian player wants to discover new online casinos, take advantage of new promotions and discover many different entertainments.

Factors driving the popularity of online casinos among Italian players

Nowadays, accessing an online casino is extremely easy. Obviously, when you are of age. All you need is a good connection and, if necessary, documents at hand for photos. Registration is simple. Sometimes, just ticking some boxes is the game. Additionally, the platforms offer access from many devices. Whether it’s computers, tablets and mobile phones. There are numerous applications for mobile devices.

The variety of games is huge. Online casinos offer:

  • slot machine
  • video poker
  • blacjkack
  • baccarat
  • roulette
  • live games
  • sport bets.

Not forgetting the wheel of fortune and the best Crazy Time sites that go with it.

An undoubtedly prominent factor concerns bonuses and promotions. Italian players are tempted by free top-ups, cashbacks and so-called free spins. The latter would be free spins to be played on various games. Don’t forget the multiplier bonuses. In fact, they multiply the user’s winnings many times.

Responsible gaming regulations and measures in Italy

Online gambling in Italy has not always been seen as it is today. There have been laws that abhorred its use and others, which followed, that accepted its presence. At one time it was even forbidden to sponsor gambling in any form. In our country, the game is only allowed to adults.

Italy, through the ADM, has invested heavily in responsible gambling. Each platform, even in our country, provides the contacts of various associations. The latter can be contacted by users who realize they have gambling problems. Finally, the game is expressly forbidden to minors. The platforms, through notices and disclaimers, warn their visitors. They condemn underage gambling and don’t approve of it in the slightest. However, having no control over the actions of others, they are exempt from any responsibility. Some casinos require you to send photos of documents to verify the player’s age.

Future landscape and potential challenges

Casinos in Italy are not destined to decrease in number, at least for the moment. There are many players who, for convenience and advantages (such as bonuses and other promotions) prefer them to physical locations.

Technology is now making great strides. Virtual lobbies have already been introduced which recreate the architecture of a real casino. Thanks to VR technology, providers experience total identification in the world of gambling. It would be enough for players to wear a viewer to experience a more or less realistic parallel reality.

Legislatively, there is talk of gambling which could be made legal from the age of 21. However, this is only conjecture. At least for now. As mentioned, standards have changed over time. And rightly so. Some experts assure that the rules to be respected could be tightened, but for casinos. For example, the RTP of games may increase in order to give players more chances to win.

The platforms count on the contribution of the software providers. And not just for games. In fact, to keep the domain secure, online casinos make use of cryptographic systems. The more advanced the encryption, the more security the bookmaker will grant. Ergo, it will attract more customers. The RTP could be crucial. Convincing software houses to develop more “winning” games would help online casinos grow. Especially if they are not very famous. Even bonus wagering requirements may decrease in size. Perhaps, from a x3 or x4, a wise x2 could be obtained.


Casinos are the outlet for many people. Even just to escape from reality. In Italy, with the nation’s unhappy times, gambling has been a way out for many people. It is certain that gambling must be dosed. This is recognized by the casinos themselves, which sponsor safe bets. From an entertainment point of view, online casinos are hard to beat. Games are always better, in every way. By promising greater involvement, they manage to entertain just the right thing.

In other words, the era of gambling platforms has just begun in Italy. It’s not even at its peak!